Lost amongst Joe Biden’s racist “You Ain’t Black” comments, was Biden attacking President Trump for golfing for the first time since the Pandemic swept across America.

Of course, Vice-President Joe Biden had no problem defending then-President Barack Obama refusing to cut short his 10-day golfing vacation as tens of thousands of Louisiana families were being displaced by the 2016 historic flooding taking place.

In 2016, then-President Obama stirred resentment over his refusal to interrupt his Martha’s Vineyard vacation to survey the Louisiana flood — the worst U.S. natural disaster since 2012.

While drawing comparisons to Obama’s criticism of President George W. Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina which ironically was in the same state.

Biden and the administration defended Obama by insisting that the president is “closely monitoring” the situation but that he will not cut short his two-week breather in Massachusetts.

In fact, it was then-candidate Donald Trump’s visit to the devastated region that finally forced Obama to leave the greens of Martha vineyard and visit the sickened area for the first time.

Joe Biden’s attack is also ironic since we reported weeks ago, nary a word came from him, nor the media when Barack Obama hit the links multiple times during the H1N1 – Swine Flu pandemic of 2009.

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But Joe Biden was quick to pounce on the first time in months that President Trump went golfing. 

Biden’s repugnant tweet whined “Nearly 100,000 lives have been lost, and tens of millions are out of work. Meanwhile, the president spent his day golfing.”

Biden followed up that little bit of stupidity with:

If this is all Joe Biden has to offer to independent voters?

If so, then his campaign is in even more trouble than his spewing racist comments, and not even knowing, both physically and mentally what state he’s in.

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