Mary Trump tells MSNBC Rachel Maddow that Donald Trump Used The N-word

Mary Trump tells MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that not only has she heard President Donald Trump used the n-word but also ‘anti-Semitic slurs,’ as well but hilariously neither of these ‘bombshells’ made it into her book?

One would think that is Mary Trump was going to write a revisionist history tell-all book about in order to cash in on her famous uncle she would not only include these ‘bombshells’ in her fictional accounting of Donald Trump…But she would have led with it.

I must assume based on her ‘I just realized it’ revelation, when her book sales dip she’ll drop the ‘bombshell’ that ‘Donald Trump sexually assaulted me.’

BTW: Watching this interview…Who does Mary Trump keep looking at? 

People Had Thoughts About Mary Trump Suddenly Remembering Donald Trump Used The N-Word and spewed AntiSemitic remarks.

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