President Trump needs to make it crystal clear to Dr. Fauci, either stop talking about what’s being discussed inside the White House, or resign immediately.

On Friday, while appearing on CNN  Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that Coronavirus ‘certificates of immunity’ have been discussed during White House meetings.

Fauci called the idea that people carrying such certificates to prove they have tested positive for antibodies might “have some merit under certain circumstances.”

“It’s one of those things that we talk about when we want to make sure that we know who the vulnerable people are and not,”

Listening to Dr. Fauci’s CNN interview one would think what’s next?

Are Americans going to start getting Holocaust-like tattoos? Maybe a scarlet letter “C” sewed onto their clothing?

The Coronavirus ‘certificates of immunity’ takes place at 2:45

Dr. Fauci’s Coronavirus ‘Certificates of immunity’ Mixed Messages

Just minutes after his CNN interviewer, Dr. Fauci appeared on Fox News, and appeared to downplay any suggestion of Americans receiving any type of Coronavirus ‘certificate of immunity.’

Forget the mixed messages, the mere fact that Dr. Fauci, or anyone else for that matter, discussing any sort of coronavirus immunity certificates is not only imbecilic, but it’s downright dangerous.

Dr. Fauci Needs To SHUT UP!

As the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Fauci is a key member of President Coronavirus task force, so whatever he states in public carries tremendous weight.

Dr. Fauci is playing a dangerous game with his coronavirus ‘certificates of immunity’ mixed messaging because it leads to conspiracy theorists, and the fake news media running amok.

And of course, if Americans revolt against any idea of a Coronavirus Certificate, the Democrats and their fake news media cohorts will weaponize it into their ‘Get-Trump’ agenda.

President Trump needs to make it clear to Dr. Fauci needs to stop his talking about anything that is ‘being discussed’ inside the White House, or he should resign immediately.

Until President Trump makes an official announcement about what his administration is implementing.

No one, not the Vice President, not Dr. Birx, and certainly not Dr. Fauci should ever be publicly talking about what’s being discussed inside the oval office.

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