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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democratic U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren said on Tuesday that if elected to the White House she would ask for the resignations of all of President Donald Trump’s political appointees on her first day in office, including the 93 United States attorneys.

Elizabeth Warren, The Senator from Massachusetts who is falling fast among the Democrats Clown Car of 2020 Presidential candidates  for the chance to lose to President Trump in the November 2020 election go a little ahead of herself less than two weeks to go before Iowa kicks off the party nominating contests.

Warren who trails former Vice President Clueless Joe Biden and fellow U.S. Senator Simpleminded Socialist Bernie Sanders in most national opinion polls, said on Tuesday that when she is elected POTUS she would ask for the resignation of all of Trump’s political appointees except those in “positions necessary to preserve continuity and protect national security during the transition period.”


Not Gonna Happen Pocahontas

Elizabeth Warren wrote on the website Medium:

“One year from today, the next president will begin her first full day of work. She will be inheriting a government in crisis,” 

Warren also wrote she would strengthen the enforcement of rules designed to prevent political appointees from converting their roles to career positions and establish a task force at the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate corruption during the Trump administration and hold current and former government officials accountable for any illegal activity.

“My transition will move faster than any transition in modern history to identify appointees and develop plans for making change starting on day one. Unlike previous transitions, we will not be able to assume good faith cooperation on the part of the outgoing administration,” 

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