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House intelligence committee Republicans were shocked to learn this week that a member of their committee, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, was targeted, and most likely had an illicit affair with a suspected Chinese spy who FBI officials said slept with at least two politicians as a tactic to elicit information.

The oftentimes clownish Swalwell who represents a California district south of Oakland received an FBI “defensive briefing” in 2015 on operative Fang Fang who renamed herself, Christine Fang, shortly after arriving in America.

Rep. Eric Swalwell pictured with his honey-pot Chinese concubine spy Fang Fang, also known as Christine Fang.
Rep. Eric Swalwell
pictured with his honey-pot Chinese concubine spy Fang Fang, also known as Christine Fang.

According to the New York Post, most if not all Republicans on the elite committee weren’t told about Swalwell’s Chinese concubine, nor that he had been targeted by China.

The House Intelligence Committee is supposed to have access to some of the nation’s most sensitive information to fulfill its oversight role of shadowy government programs.

If the Chinese operation occurred as described in a bombshell Tuesday article in Axios, it’s unclear why lawmakers aside from Swalwell were kept in the dark, especially since she may have targeted Swalwell due to his proximity to sensitive information.

Swalwell hysterically deflected any questions about a romantic relationship with Fang by claiming ‘he can’t talk about it due to national security concerns’


When Did Pelosi, and Schiff Get Briefed On Eric Swalwell’s Chinese Concubine?

Fang reportedly fundraised for Swalwell’s 2014 re-election campaign before he joined the intelligence committee in 2015.

A clearly miffed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) asked in a Tuesday evening Fox News interview “Did Nancy Pelosi know this had transpired when she put him on the committee?”

A Republican close to the White House told The New York Post:

“Did Schiff and [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi know? Why did no one take any steps to keep sensitive intel, at least as it relates to China, far away from a member who is at best potentially compromised?” 

Drew Hammill, a spokesman for the Democrats stuttering alcoholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), declined to say when she learned of the relationship, stating:

“We cannot further comment on or confirm or deny any such briefings or notifications. The Speaker has full confidence in Congressman Swalwell’s service in the Congress and on the Intelligence Committee.”

Before ridiculously adding:

“Minority Leader McCarthy is trying to distract from his continued kowtowing to QAnon and his refusal to heed the call of the Anti-Defamation League to refuse to seat his QAnon Members on Congressional committees, including critical national security committees,” 

Fang Fang Closes Her Honey-Trap And Goes Home

Fang Fang returned to China in mid-2015 as US officials heightened their scrutiny of her string of honey-trap seductions, which one such dalliance that took place in a car with a midwestern Mayor was recorded.

The issue is likely to dog the ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ egregious lying blowhard who had the audacity to call President Trump an “Agent of Russia‘ as Republicans demand more information about Eric Swalwell’s relation with his Chinese Honey-Pot.

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