Clearly Rep. Eric Swalwell can’t seem to get Richard Grenell out of his head, now accusing him of hanging out with a Nazi while he was the U.S. Ambassador to Germany.

And in true man with one brain cell fashion, Eric Swalwell used the Democrats ‘feelings are just as factual as facts’ playbook when the twittering twit tweeted out his little bit of idiocy:

Unfortunately, for Eric Swalwell’s ‘Feelings Aren’t Facts’ as Richard Grenell explained that the picture was from a 4th of July party where all members of the German Bundestag (German Parliament) were invited and the man in the photos was a member of the Bundestag.

Eric Swalwell Plays The Democrats ‘Who Me? What Did I Do?’ Card.

After enlightening California’s dimwitted Democrat with facts, Richard Grenell followed up with another tweet questioning what was behind Swalwell’s motivation for posting his stupidity?

Similar to another story we posted earlier this week on Soledad O’Brien, as soon left-wing hatemongers like Swalwell are proven wrong, they play the ‘Who Me? What did I do?’ card.

Which they immediately accuse the person they just falsely accused of being an evil name-caller who’s still guilty because they didn’t deny the fraudulent accusation in the “right way.

Twitter Tries Filling In The Blanks (Facts) For The Democrat Dimwit

Twitter users rushed into the tweetstorm to fill in all those pesky little facts that Eric Swalwell cares so little about.

It eventually got to the point where even an old-school Liberal Democrat like the Rubin Report host Dave Rubin had had enough of Swalwell’s simpleminded shinanigans.

Which, Of course, being a feeble-minded factless fool, Swalwell could help but respond.

Which in turn had Dave Ruben laying the smackdown on the House of Representative’s maniacal moron.

Because he has class, Dave Rubin, took the time to explain why he was so upset with Swalwell’s asinine absurdity.

Which, I’m sure, upon reading TuskerDaily writing “Dave Rubin has class,” Eric Swalwell would likely respond ‘What does school have to do with this?’