Eric Swalwell

Eric Swalwell, it’s not too late to write Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas.

Of course, that would be Swalwell asking Jolly Old St. Nick for his very own copy of the Bill of Rights.

Eric Swalwell is so imbecilic that when someone asks “Wanna play Rock, Paper, Scissors?’ Swalwell screams out “I’ll be the rock”.

Just when you thought Eric Swalwell couldn’t possibly get any more clueless… Dammit! He proves us wrong again.

After his Duke Nukem idiocy where Eric Swalwell threatened to drop a nuke on gun owners who refuse to roll over and show their belly when the Democrats goose-stepping Gestapo morons come to your home to grab your guns.

You probably thought ‘Hey Swalwell this would be a perfect spot to STFU…FOREVER!

But Swalwell’s minuscule pea brain rattling around in that black hole he calls a brain, screamed out painfully… “I have a new thought!”

Check out Eric Swalwell’s rock-solid, mic drop, make Mr. Spock proud with its use of liberal logic that will surely be talked of the Swamp for years to come due to its utter absurdity.

Eric Swalwell’s brilliant idea was equating Donald Trump refusing to participate in the House Democrats Inquisition to that of an Major League Baseball (MLB) player who refuses to take a drug test:

If you agree with Eric Swalwell, leave now!

NO! I don’t mean leave the room, I mean leave the F’n planet, because like Eric Swalwell, and 2nd hand smoke just your mere presence is making us ill.

Ok, let’s take Eric Swalwell mentally challenged idiocy to its logical conclusion.

    • Anyone refusing one of those NYC’s ‘stop and frisk’ specials… GUILTY!
    • If an DEA agent walks up to you and says ‘You look a little Mexicanish…Show me your ID’ and you refuse… GUILTY!
    • If some dumbass politician cries for two years that they have seen the evidence that shows “without a doubt” President Trump is an Agent of Russia and Trump sues them for a Gazillion dollars and they refuse to show that evidence… GUILTY!
    • If some random black dude driving a Lamborghini gets pulled over for ‘Driving while black’ and the Cop demands to search the car, if he refuses… GUILTY!
    • Adam Schiff is called to testify to the Senate after claiming he never talked to the whistle-blower, despite him also claiming he had no idea who the person was, and he refuses… GUILTY!

The next time I hear any Democrat testifying before the Congress and they dare invoke their wretched 5th Amendment rights. 

I better see Eric Swalwell jump from his seat shouting, “Sargent of Arms arrest that lying POS criminal bastard!”

Maybe, Eric Swalwell doesn’t know this but a Baseball player is a union worker who is under contract with the MLB.

During the collective bargaining process with MLB owners, the union gave up a player’s right to refuse a drug test in exchange for whatever. 

Eric Swalwell… President Donald J. Trump has no such collective bargaining agreement with Congress, You F’n Dumbass.

Eric Swalwell
Eric Swalwell clueless as ever

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