MSNBC’s Katy Tur ignored asking Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) about his Chinese Concubine spy, or about proof to back his accusing President Trump of being “an agent of Russia” instead she let Swalwell ramble on about his delusion for a “white nationalism task force”  to investigate the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Two days after the Democrats failed to cancel former President Donald Trump who was acquitted by the Senate of an article of impeachment charging him with inciting the attack.

Before Nancy Pelosi repugnantly announced her ‘9/11 type’ commission to look into the events leading up to the Jan. 6th Capitol Hill riots.

MSNBC’s mental midget host Katy Tur asked Eric Swalwell the reprehensible congressman from where else, California: “So is the House going to just wipe their hands of this now and move on or will there be a 9/11 style commission looking into how it will happen?

Is there more investigating that will be done?”

Swalwell responded by shrieking:

“There is no moving on. January 6th is a day that we will sadly all remember. I think we have to take an approach that we took like after September 11 and root out white nationalism and terrorism from our country. I believe we need a September 11 commission taken outside of Congress. I think it should be an independent commission outside of Congress.”

 “They are going to need, I believe, at the Department of Justice, a white nationalism task force to make sure they’re understanding at the earliest of ages how people are being radicalized. If there are in fact training camps. In our evidence we found that the Oath Keepers a group in particular, that they do have training camps and an initiation process very much like international terrorist groups do. So we have to use all of the tools and the resources we can to find and defeat these groups and bring them to justice in the courts.”

Hilariously Tur also asked Swalwell why the Democrats presented no witnesses during their 2nd impeachment hoax trial?

Swalwell essentially answered our case was so strong we didn’t need witnesses.

Wait. What?

Of course, as TuskerDaily reported the real reason was the Republicans could then call their own witnesses.

Also, Team Trump would then have the right to cross-examine whichever liars the Democrats presented as so-called ‘Witnesses”

Watch Eric Swalwell Screech About His White Nationalism Task Force


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