On Tuesday night during the soccer show “ESPNFC Radio” an entire wall came crashing down on journalist Carlos Orduz.

In the scary video, Orduz is seen getting crushed by the collapsing wall from behind, as the show’s bewildered hosts look on before shepherding the program to a commercial break.

Another person off-camera can be heard saying “tranquilo, tranquilo” — the Spanish word for “calm” — in the aftermath of the accident.

Orduz later posted a video to Twitter in Spanish telling everyone he was fine, according to the translation of ex-ESPN broadcaster (and current LAFC voice) Max Bretos.

ESPN debuted its new Bristol, Connecticut “SportsCenter” set in 2014, reportedly costing the company $125 million to build.

It doesn’t appear the flagship site has had any wall malfunctions since the new set debuted.

Watch ESPN Carlos Orduz Gets Crushed By Falling Wall


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