ESPN, Martenzie Johnson Lies To Push Woke Race-Baiting Idiocy

Race-baiting ESPN and their woke website The Undefeated, once again, lied to its readers when author Martenzie Johnson claimed that since Justin Fields won’t go as high as some white Quarterbacks in the NFL 2021 draft, it proves the NFL is racist against black QBs.


Second. The NFL 2021 Draft doesn’t even take place until THIS Thursday. So how would Martenzie Johnson even know where Justin Field’s will be picked?

Facts? ESPN Doesn’t Care About Your F’n Facts

Last week OutKick’s Tray Clavis went off on ESPN and their woke NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski for lying that Jacob Blake was ‘unarmed’ when Wisconsin police shot him.

Of course, woke liberals famously ignore facts, but my lord, Wojnarowski is so woke he even ignored JACOB BLAKE admitting to having a knife.

Now, just days before the NFL 2021 Draft kicks off in Cleveland on Thursday, Martenzie Johnson post this hot take woke racists garbage about those racist NFL plantation owners disrespecting black quarterbacks.

The premise of the story is that Justin Fields because he’s black, won’t be drafted as high as the woke sports network demands.

Because according to Martenzie Johnson the NFL drafting white quarterbacks, like Mac Jones, ahead of a black quarterback like Justin Fields proves systemic racism.

Johnson, like many woke liberals, is so obsessed with skin color that it blinds them to facts and robs them of their ability to think in a coherent manner.

Here’s one of Martenzie Johnson’s woke quotes from his article:

“When it comes to black quarterbacks, in particular, the NFL has long gone out of its way to keep the position as white as the painted yard lines on the field,” 

That paragraph, undoubtedly, had his bosses at ESPN, as well as Black Lives Matter rioters…DAMMIT! I meant ‘Peaceful Protesters,’ cheering.

But, if Martenzie Johnson is gonna lie to push his ‘America is racist’ idiocy. Perhaps, next time can create a lie that isn’t debunked in seconds?

So, according to Martenzie Johnson, the NFL want’s their Quarterbacks to be as white as the painted yard lines on the field huh?

Anyone want to tell ESPN’s race-baiting imbecile Martenzie Johnson that:

  • The highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, Patrick Mahomes, is black.
  • The second-highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, Dak Prescott, is black.
  • The third-highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, Deshaun Watson, is black.
  • The fourth-highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, Russell Wilson, is black? 

ESPN, Martenzie Johnson NFL Racist Delusions

Mackenzie Johnson’s ‘feelings aren’t facts’ liberal logic about black quarterbacks being blackballed during the NFL draft is both idiotic and wrong.

  • Jameis Winston, went first overall, despite narrowly avoiding rape charges, as well as being thrown off the FSU Baseball team for stealing $32 worth of crab legs from a local supermarket. 
  • Jamarcus Russell, Cam Newton, Kyler Murray, and Michael Vick were all black and were all drafted first overall.

Aaron Rodgers who many thought could have been chosen #1 instead of Alex Smith, in the NFL 2005 Draft, but mysteriously slid all the way to #24.

Aaron Rodgers’ tumble in the draft despite being as white as you could be. But based on  Martenzie Johnson’s stupidity.

This couldn’t have happened considering the New Orleans Saints who picked #13 had Aaron Brooks, as their QB. And the Baltimore Ravens picking at #22 had Anthony Wright, as their team’s Quarterbacks.

Not only did Wright, and Brooks suck so bad that they would be out of NFL within 2 years, they were both black.

But as TuskerDaily has written before when it comes to woke liberals pushing their ‘America is Racists’ agenda, then…F**K FACTS!

Martenzie Johnson Race-Baiting Garbage Is One Thing, But ESPN Actually Publishing It?

It’s understandable Martenzie Johnson ignoring the truth, in order to write his woke fiction.

But what’s ESPN’s excuse for publishing Johnson’s race-baiting hot take of lying garbage?

While Martenzie Johnson didn’t come close to backing up the premise in his woke mentally-challenged musing.

It’s hardly shocking that The Undefeated editors and/or fact-deprived checkers went ahead and published it.

But after reading this racist stupidity, NOT A SINGLE person over at ESPN didn’t say, “wait, what?”

This proves ESPN is literally paying their woke employees to lie and obsess over skin color.

It’s hard to think of a more dangerous and dishonest company philosophy.

ESPN telling its employees that in spite of any evidence to the contrary, just go ahead and say whatever you’re ‘feeling’, about black athletes having it worse than white athletes.

Years ago, I dreamed of being a sportswriter, but not having the necessary schooling, my resume would seem pretty farcical.

Who could have guessed, to land a job as an ESPN writer, all I needed to do was write on my resume: “I’m willing to accept a life as a pathetic ESPN race-baiting stooge.”

Here’s the truth: Martenzie Johnson is still living in the 1980s where the idiocy of ‘Blacks can’t be an NFL Quarterback because they’re not smart enough’ still reigned supreme in the NFL.

Thankfully, in 1988 Doug Williams did away with all that racist nonsense when he became the first black quarterback to lead his team to a Super Bowl victory.

In fact not only did Doug Williams help the Washington Redskins beat the Denver Broncos 39-20 in Super Bowl XXII.

Doug Williams, A BLACK QB, was voted the MVP!

Becoming an NFL quarterback, and/or holding onto that prestige position isn’t about race, it’s about performance. 

And that terrifies woke media networks like ESPN, and their paid race-baiting stooges like Martenzie Johnson, because, if it’s based on numbers and not skin tone, then whatever will they screech about?


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