Joe Biden Lying About His Iraq War Record

In a piece published on CNN’s ‘Facts First’ blog Biden was scolded for “dishonestly” claiming he opposed the invasion of Iraq. The fact-check came after Biden told a voter in Iowa at the weekend that he was against the war “from the very moment” George W. Bush launched it. In reality, Biden “repeatedly spoke in favor of the war both before and after it began,” CNN wrote.

The network called Biden’s comment “highly misleading even under the most generous interpretation,” given that the former VP was “actually a vocal supporter” of military action and voted to authorize Bush’s use of force.

Biden’s continued insistence that he was against the war from the get-go is somewhat strange considering his own campaign acknowledged in September that he “misspoke” the last time he made similar false statements.

His camp has been understandably sensitive about his Iraq record and reluctant to directly respond to fellow 2020 contender Bernie Sanders’ efforts to point it out. So far, many in the media have framed Sanders’ targeting of Biden on this subject as a political “attack” — despite it being a simple statement of fact. “Pointing out that Joe was pro Iraq war isn’t an attack, it’s the goddamn truth,” one Sanders supporter wrote on Twitter.

However Biden tries to spin it to absolve himself of blame seventeen years later, it won’t change the facts. He was a leading Democratic voice in favor of military action against Iraq and a crucial ally of the Bush administration in the lead up, insisting repeatedly that Saddam Hussein must be removed from power.

Biden even ruled out diplomacy at one point, saying that “dialogue with Saddam is useless.” The supposed anti-war Biden even praised Bush for “moderation and deliberation” and called Iraq a “just war” which he believed would lead to “peace and security.” He stood steadfast in his pro-war stance even as many in his own party were raising doubts.



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