A popular stock trading chat group has been booted off Facebook due to supposedly violating “sexual exploitation” rules, claims the page’s founder, who accused “major institutions” of trying to avenge Wall Street’s GameStop debacle.

The Robinhood Stock Traders group boasted more than 157,000 members before it was taken offline on Wednesday.

The Facebook suspension comes after GameStop’s share price went on a runaway rally as amateur investors attempted to punish Wall Street hedge fund short sellers who bet on the retailer’s demise.

The unprecedented gains in value have forced some funds to cover billions in losses and kicked off a major bout of controversy. 

It’s funny how every time a group and/or person threatens the Deep State establishment, Facebook, Twitter, and the other Big Tech social media giants leap into action? 

But then again, anyone mentioning this fact is dismissed as just another unhinged conspiracy nut.

Facebook Boots Robinhood Stock Traders group

The group’s founder, Allen Tran, 23, told Reuters, that the social media giant cited its policies surrounding “adult sexual exploitation.” 

A notification of the ban seen by Reuters included no further reasoning for what prompted the move.

Tran, however, maintains that he has never seen explicit or sexual content on the page, arguing instead that the group was targeted by “major institutions” after members racked up thousands of dollars from trades first proposed in Reddit’s r/WallStreetBets community, which has driven a dramatic price surge in certain heavily shorted stocks, namely those of GameStop, AMC, BlackBerry and Nokia.

“The major institutions are attempting to silence our community. We are positively impacting people’s lives and they are attacking our group because we are more powerful than them,” Tran wrote in a Facebook post after the group’s ban, arguing “there is power in masses.”


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