Facebook owned Instagram showed they aren’t done from protecting the Democrats supposed ‘President-Elect’ by censoring a meme linking Joe Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill to the mass incarceration of Blacks.
Instagram has been actively censoring a meme by flagging as “false” that links the ex-Delaware Senator Joe Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill to the mass incarceration of black Americans.

The political meme, uploaded by Brad Troemel, shows an old photo of Biden and then-President Bill Clinton, along with a caption that reads:

“Find someone that looks at you the way Biden looked at Clinton after Clinton signed Biden’s crime bill into law. Bringing mass incarceration to black Americans.”

Instagram flags meme linking Joe Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill to mass incarceration of Blacks

Biden Clinton Crime Bill

Citing their laughable independent fact-checkers from USA Today, Instagram used the liberal-biased news media outlet to declare “this information has no basis in fact.” 

Thus, before being able to view the image, the platform requires users to first read their liberal-Logic disclaimer.

Which links to a USA Today article allegedly debunking the claim that the 1994 crime bill led to mass incarceration of black Americans. 

Joe Biden 1994 Crime Bill Censored By Facebook owned Instagram

The so-called “fact check,” written by Doug Stanglin and published in July, asserts that despite Joe Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill being “a grab-bag of crime-fighting measures,” which led to mass black incarceration, Biden’s 1994 crime bill simply exacerbated an already ongoing trend.

Wikipedia Balloteria incarcerated Americans 1920 to 2014

First, USA Today’s analysis appears to fly in the face of decades of both the left, and right directly referencing Joe Biden’s 1994 crime bill when calling for criminal justice reform.

Instagram’s ‘fake-news’ claim becomes even more imbecile knowing that in October, during the final presidential debate with President Trump.

Joe Biden himself admitted it was a “mistake to support the bill”.

Of course, the media never called out Joe Biden for lying. The fact is, Joe Biden didn’t just ‘support‘ the 1994 crime bill… Joe Biden Wrote The Damn Bill!

Amazingly, despite the Democrats calling Trump a ‘racist white supremist,’ after decades of Democrats pandering to the black community that they” close America’s street to prison to street pipeline.

It was President Donald J. Trump who finally delivered on the promise of ‘Criminal Justice Reform’.

Facebook/Instagram Shows America How They’ll Be Reporting (Covering Up) For Joe Biden Over The Next 4-Years

Facebook spokesperson Stephanie Otway told the New York Post, that Instagram would not stop flagging the Biden meme, as long as the platform’s “fact-checking partners” keep the same opinion.


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