Democrats who called for FBI investigation into Kavanaugh

According to arguments Democrat politicians used in 2018 in calling for the FBI to open an investigation into Brett Kavanaugh.

It’s time for the FBI to launch a full investigation into Tara Reade’s far more credible allegation that presumptive Democrat presidential nominee sexually assaulted her in 1993.

As we reported earlier today, two more witnesses have come forward stating that Tara Reade told them of Joe Biden’s Sexual assault at, or around the time the incident supposedly took place. 

That makes nine witnesses altogether, which is nine more witnesses than Christine Blasey-Ford had.

As Tara Reade’s allegation gains more credibility by the day, the American people deserve clarity, not the muddiness of a he said/she said during a crucial presidential election.

What’s more, even as Biden engages in a cover-up to protect his Senate papers (where Reade’s sexual harassment claim might be found), more and more information continues to come out that backs Reade’s charge against Biden.

Here is what has so far been checked out about Reade’s disturbing claim that Biden cornered her up against a wall, shoved his hand under her skirt, and penetrated her vagina in 1993:

      1. Reade’s story has remained consistent over the past 27-years.
      2. It’s been verified that Tara Reade work in Joe Biden’s U.S. Senate office in 1993.
      3. Reade has seven non-related contemporaneous witnesses who verify she told them about the alleged assault at or near the time it happened.
      4. Politico confirmed the video of Tara Reade’s mother calling into a 1993 edition of CNN’s Larry King Live desperately seeking advice about her daughter’s problems with a “prominent senator.”
      5. There is a pattern with Biden of sexual improprieties that Joe Biden himself has apologized for. Related Story: 10 Times Joe Biden Acted Inappropriately With Women
      6. With the filing of a criminal complaint against Biden last month, Tara Reade has now opened herself up to prison time if she’s found to be lying.
      7. Joe Biden may or may not be using the VP slot as bait in order to get prominent Democratic women such as Stacey Abrams, and Kamala Harris who are vying for the coveted selection to say ‘I believe Joe.
      8. Biden refuses to release his Senate archives from the University of Delaware, which is where the official harassment complaint Reade says she filed against Biden might be found.

Tara Reade Case vs Christine Blasey Ford’s

To argue that Reade’s increasingly credible allegation against Joe Biden is infinitely more credible than the now-debunked allegation Christine Blasey Ford made against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is the understatement of the century.

Blasey Ford could not verify the who, what, where, when, or how of the alleged assault. She couldn’t even show that she actually even met Kavanaugh.

  • She told no one about Kavanaugh’s alleged 1982 assault until decades later when she told her therapist.
  • What’s more, in 2012, according to her own therapist’s notes, Ford said there were four boys in the room during the alleged assault. Ford told the far-left Washington Post there were only two boys in the room (Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge) and that her therapist got it mixed up.
  • She lied about her fear of flying, after testifying that she flew to Washington, and also took numerous vacations overseas.
  • Christine Blasey Ford very own witnesses — rebutted her claims, some went so far as to back Kavanaugh.

Nevertheless, a number of high-profile Democrats and members of the media still demanded an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh — and that investigation did happen, and Kavanaugh was cleared completely.

The FBI report said they could not corroborate any of Christine Blasey Ford’s claims of sexual misconduct she made against Brett Kavanaugh. 

Obviously, the mainstream media cannot trust a biased media to look into Biden’s alleged sexual assault of Reade.

A recent analysis by the Washington Free Beacon showed that between March 24, the day when Tara Reade made her allegations public, and April 15.

Joe Biden faced over 81 questions and over 20 hours of interviews and the media didn’t once ask Biden about Tara Reade or asked for a comment on her sexual assault charge.

CNN didn’t write a single word about Tara Read’s allegation until April 17th, 24 days AFTER the story went public.

The liberal biased New York Times insanely “Demanded” that the Democrat National Committee start an unbiased investigation into Tara Reade’s accusation. THE F’N DNC! ARE THEY JOKING?

The mainstream media are way too invested in pushing their Trump-hate agenda, and helping carry Joe Biden over the 2020 presidential finish line.

Therefore, the Reade matter must be turned over to the FBI.

And that’s not, or, or the New York Times calling for the FBI to start an investigation into Joe Biden… It’s the same 2018 Democrats who demanded an FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh

If the Democrats found Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations worthy of an FBI inquiry of a potential Supreme Court justice.

Then surely Tara Reade’s claims are significantly more worthy of an FBI investigation of a potential candidate who could become the next President of the United States.

Here are just a few of the Democrat Politicians who called for an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh.

As you will see, if you swap Ford for Reade, and Kavanaugh for Biden their arguments still remain the same.

Nancy Pelosi:

Kavanaugh Biden could’ve asked for the release of his papers; he didn’t. Kavanaugh Biden could’ve asked the FBI to investigate Dr. Blasey Ford’s Tara Reade’s allegation to clear his name; he didn’t. Kavanaugh Biden could’ve asked for more witnesses; he didn’t. #BelieveSurvivors


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