NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed FDNY Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro are

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed FDNY Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro sticking to the Democrats mantra of never letting ‘a good crisis go to waste,’ are “urging first responders to skip 9/11 memorial events this year due to COVID-19 — outraging firefighters who each year honor their 343 brethren that were killed in the World Trade Center terror attacks.

“FDNY has gone from ‘never forget’ to ‘forget about it,’” a department member complained.

Nigro issued the stunning directive in an internal order last week.

“From a health and safety perspective, the FDNY strongly recommends that our members forego participating in 9/11 gatherings and events this year,” Nigro states.

“During these difficult times, the department acknowledges our members’ commitment to never forget those we lost on that fateful day. At the same time, we must balance that with our obligation to keep our current and former members, and their families, healthy and safe from the ever-looming threat of the COVID-19 virus.”

For those who do go to or organize 9/11 gatherings, Nigro sets out rules:

  • Indoor gatherings at any FDNY facility are strictly prohibited. All events/gatherings at these locations must be held outdoors.
  • As per current New York State regulations, all outdoor gatherings are limited to 50 persons maximum.
  • All events must be pre-approved by the Borough Commander/ Bureau Head and are
    limited to two hours maximum.

In addition, face coverings are mandatory for all in attendance and social distancing of at least six feet between participants must be maintained. An adequate supply of hand sanitizer also must be provided.

The restriction on outdoor events will likely bar the Bravest from attending two major ceremonies planned on September 11 at or near Ground Zero to mark the 19th anniversary.

One will take place at the 9/11 Memorial plaza with pre-recorded audio of 9/11 family members reading names of lost loved ones.

The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation plans a simultaneous ceremony with live name readings next to Zuccotti Park and the FDNY’s “Ten House,” Engine 10/Ladder 10, on Liberty Street, a short walk from Ground Zero.

Both events will require masks and social distancing.

Because of those safety measures, Nigro’s restrictions surprised FDNY retired Lt. Jim McCaffrey, whose brother-in-law, Battalion Chief Orio Palmer, was killed on 9/11.

“Of all days — not 9/11. People need to get together and commemorate the sacrifice exhibited that day. If we don’t do it this year, it may not happen next year — and that would be shameful.”

FDNY Firefighters Are Outraged By Daniel Nigro’s “Request”

Many of the outraged NYFD rank and file say the city permitted massive street protests after the George Floyd killing, yet now it is urging firefighters against gathering in a large outdoor group for 9/11?

One NYC firefighter posted on an FDNY message board.

“Mourning and honoring our friends who were murdered isn’t allowed to have over 50 people attend at one place but peaceful protesting, painting streets and occasional property destruction by those who don’t peacefully protest is allowed,”


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