America needs to end the inequality by using female crash test dummies according to House of Representative Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-Washington, DC) who introduced legislation demanding that sexism be eliminated.

Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton Demands Female Crash Test Dummies 500x281
Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton Demands Female Crash Test Dummies

Norton debuted her imbecilic female crash test dummies bill on Tuesday. Norton was outraged that the federal government currently uses only male crash test dummies. 

The feds also don’t require automakers to employ both male and female dummies.

Of course, Norton’s next bill will demand equal pay for these female crash test dummies.

I’ll be introducing a bill to require that car crash test dummies be modeled on both male and female bodies. Currently, the federal government only uses crash test dummies modeled on male bodies, and car companies are not required to use dummies modeled on female bodies.


Besides Democrat Women Drivers…America already has Female Crash Test Dummies.

Knowing how much Democrats like Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton love to spew feelings rather than facts.

We hate being the bearer of bad news, we’ll actually, when it comes to uneducated Democrats, WE LOVE IT!

From the National Highway Safety Administration

Female Crash Test Dummies
Female Crash Test Dummies

And Speaking Of Female Crash Test Dummies…

In 2015, the 77-year-old geometrically challenged Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton was caught on camera awkwardly smashing her way into a wide-open parking spot.

We thought it was nice of TuskerDaily to remind her that America already has Female Crash Test Dummies.


Will The Democrats Gender Idiocy Ever End?

Not only was Democrat Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton’s bill demanding Female Crash Test Dummies severly ridiculed on Twitter.

As usual, the pandering woke Democrats previous gender stupidity boomerang back to bite them right on their transgendered Democrat jackasses:

Some commenters, tongue planted firmly in cheek, asked Norton ‘Why stop at females?

Female Crash Test Dummies Exposes The Democrats Abortion Hypocrisy 

Christie Heltzel is an abortion advocate, and after reading her blatantly hypocritical tweet about the need to protect pregnant women…Dammit I meant “Pregnant People”

I  took it upon myself to personally address her abortion hypocrisy.





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