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Feminist MeToo Democrats NOW Triggered By Toxic MASK-ulinity

Feminist MeToo Democrats NOW Triggered By Toxic MASKulinity
Feminist liberal progressive Democrats are taking the #meToo movement to another level, claiming that Coronavirus masked men are “aggressively demanding eye contact” and engaging in “hard staring” under the cover of COVID Toxic MASK-ulinity.

Wait. What? Toxic MASK-ulinity?

Let’s unpack the latest #MeToo Movement idiocy ‘toxic MASK-ulinity’:

If a man doesn’t wear a coronavirus mask then they should immediately be attacked and ostracized for endangering women’s health and well being.

Or these maskless men are racist Trump deplorables who are not only blatantly defying the great Dr. Fauci and CDC guidelines. But, you’re also a racist Trump Deplorable who want’s to kill black people since YOU KNOW COVID-19 infects blacks at a much higher rate.

But now these very same #MeToo mental midgets are claiming if a man wears a mask he’s demanding women to make eye contact, and when women are forced to do so, these sexual predators are giving women the ‘rappy eye’.

The bizarro suggestion came from MailOnline’s Harriet Johnson, who argued that masks are giving men permission to leer at poor, helpless women, who are then left victimized under the weight of such heavy oppression.

Johnson quoted one millennial as saying: “Does anybody else feel like men are way more aggressively demanding eye contact in public since we all started wearing masks?

And another screeching: “So much hard staring is happening. And I can’t diffuse the attention by smiling like women are conditioned to do. It’s weird.

Even the UK Executive Director of UN Women, Claire Barnett, jumped into the deep end of the #MeToo stupidity pool, saying:

We need to prevent further rises in harassment towards women, girls, and minoritized groups.

This will require widespread changes in attitudes and behavior – creating an understanding that behavior like unwanted and persistent staring is intimidating, and that we all have a role to play in making our public spaces more inclusive.

So men in a very difficult position, we can either be sexist or racist.

My lord, will the leftist lunacy ever end?

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