Watching CNN’s Cuomo Primetime last night, so you don’t have to, Chris Cuomo had as his guest New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, who also happens to be Fredo’s older brother.

Despite the Coronavirus infecting 350,000 people in New York State, which resulted in the deaths of 22,000 of their fellow New Yorkers.

In an absolutely repugnant display, the Cuomo boys had themselves a grand old time laughing about Andrew Cuomo recently getting tested for COVID-19.

Having been born and raised on Long Island, it was repugnant watching there utter lack of self-awareness from these two as they yukked it up over a cotton swab.

Even though I left Long Island and moved to Virginia in 2018, my three children still live there, so it was especially repugnant to watch these to imbecilic jackasses giggling about something that has had a devastating impact not only in New York but across the entire planet.

I also thought…

Imagine instead of Chris and Andrew Cuomo, this video was Don Jr and Donald Trump.

If in some other reality if this was Don Jr., and Donald Trump the outrage from the aggrieved mainstream media and especially CNN’s Chris Cuomo would be incalculable. 

I also have very little doubt if the Democrats had witnesses Donald Trump, and Don Jr. putting on a reprehensible performance such as this. 

They would pull out their soapboxes and announce that they were launching a new impeachment inquiry.


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