Florida Gov DeSantis and VP Mike Pence

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis lambasted the liberal-biased mainstream media for their “partisan narrative” they’ve been pushing about his administration’s coronavirus response.

The fake news media lies becomes even more repugnant, when they blatantly ignore New York Governor Andrew Cuomo directly attributing to the deaths of thousands of elderly New Yorkers.

Last weekend Cuomo reversed his previous policy that ordered elderly patients that were infected with Coronavirus to be sent to nursing homes.

Cuomo’s policy resulted in thousands of elderly New Yorkers needlessly dying, but the mainstream media would rather report on why isn’t President Trump wearing a mask?

The fact is, Florida has fared significantly better than Democrat-run states like New York, and Michigan because of Governor DeSantis’ decisive actions.

Having seen more than his share of the MSM ‘Doom and Gloom‘ predictions about Florida’s coronavirus response.
In an attempt to distract viewers from their egregious reporting, the mainstream media has now started to falsely accuse Gov. DeSantis of fudging the state’s coronavirus data.

During a press briefing with Vice-President Pence on Wednesday, Gov. DeSantis blasted the fake news media for their blatant lies:

“Our data is available, our data is transparent. In fact, Dr. [Deborah] Birx has talked multiple times about how Florida has the best data.

So any insinuation otherwise is just typical partisan narrative trying to be spun. And part of the reason is because you have a lot of people in your profession who waxed poetic for weeks about how Florida is going to be just like New York.”

Florida Gov. DeSantis Tears MSM A New One

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