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A Florida man who spat on a senior citizen wearing a ‘MAGA’ hat at a restaurant has been sentenced to 90 days in jail after being convicted of battery.


Matthias Ajple was found guilty of assaulting Robert Youngblood and sentenced to 90-days in jail after he spat on the senior citizen for the crime of wearing a MAGA hat.

The charges date back from an incident in October in a Vero Beach, Florida restaurant.

Surveillance camera footage shows Ajple approaching Youngblood- who was wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat- at the restaurant and placing a paper towel on his head before spitting on him.

According to Youngblood, Ajple went on to make bizarre political and ideological demands of him, apparently telling the Trump supporter to “go back to Russia.”

Ajple also attempted to justify his TDS assault to police officers investigating the event, claiming he was “protecting law enforcement” as Trump supporters are supposedly “communist and racist.”

The 43-year old man’s victim had recorded the spitter’s license plate, later reporting the crime to authorities.


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