Fuck Off Fauci! Dr. Anthony Fauci ushered in the Coronavirus Pandemic with a lie when he claimed ‘Americans don’t need to wear a mask’, and now he’s ending it with a lie.

Not to mention all the lies Fauci has told in between.

Fauci did a 180 from just a few weeks ago when he responded to a question about why despite being vaccinated, Fauci was still claiming you still needed to wear a mask…In fact, Fauci recommended wearing TWO MASKS!

Fauci’s Kabuki Theater

In March, Senator Ran Paul got under Fauci’s skin by denouncing his mask-wearing duplicity.

Paul argued that those who had been vaccinated did not need to wear masks, suggesting that anyone doing otherwise was engaged in “theater.” 

Fauci shot back angrily that even those who have been immunized would be wise to mask up – and even to wear two masks.

Fauci claimed that despite being vaccinated, he was still concerned about being infected with the variants of the coronavirus that he and the fake news media had been fearmongering for weeks.


Now, suddenly, when asked about doing a 180 on his calls to continue to wear a mask despite the CDC guidance issued last week which states that the fully vaccinated no longer need to wear face coverings or social distance. 

Fauci, the fraud told the Good Morning America:

“I am now much more comfortable [with] people seeing me indoors without a mask. Before the CDC made the recommendation change, I didn’t want to look like I was giving mixed signals,” 

Fauci The Fraud

Fauci supporters claim he’s neither Democrat nor Republican, but his ‘end justifies the means’ lying clearly shows he’s a partisan Democrat who is willing to say anything in order to stay relevant.

Beyond that, my biggest problem with this lying POS is the fact that there are millions of adults who have already been vaccinated, but still fear being infected when they have no reason to.

The only reason for their anxiety was listening to fearmongers like Fauci pushing fallacies such as there being a high probability of contracting even more deadly COVID variants.

Not to mention how many children suffered psychological, educational, and physical harm because Fauci was too cowardly to stand up to the mindless Twitter lockdown mob.

To this day children are being subjected to a form of Child abuse as they’re forced to wear masks despite the chances of them dying from the yearly flu is far greater than it is from being infected with COVID.

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  1. So, this is “journalistic integrity”? Really man….I am on your side here, no fan of Fauci, but at the end of the day that kind of a headline is just perpetuating a stereotype that liberals have for us. I mean really, imagine submitting that headline to any newspaper, any publication in the country. You would be laughed out of their office. While I am hopeful that at some point in your career as a “journalist” you have been given advice, good advice, and probably from people more knowledgable than yourself, it’s clear you haven’t taken it.

  2. Fauci killed my mother and must pay for this disease he helped make and spread for his own financial gain and fame.
    He must be investigated and put to trial,he has killed a lot more people than anyone I can remember in the world.


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