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George Takei must think he’s back at the helm of Star Trek’s U.S.S. Enterprise as Sulu, because he took a trip to deep space on Twitter.

Takei regurgitated the growing liberal loony-toon narrative that there’s voter suppression going on.

Unlike Stacey Abrams who ran for governor of Georgia…Lost by 50,000 votes. Demanded a recount…Lost. Filed a voting rights lawsuit…Lost. AND still hasn’t conceded the race.

George Takei claims voter suppression is now happening in Jefferson County, Kentucky ahead of tomorrow’s primary.


If Only George Takei And The Democrats Knew How To Google.

As with all things Democrat. Once you get past their hyperbole headlines. The cut in polling places in Kentucky is not at all what it seems.

University of Kentucky professor Robert Farley calls George Takei’s narrative “literally wrong about everything, generally on things that would take 90 seconds of research to debunk”:

Basically, they have reduced the number of polling places, but not because of racist Republicans, but because of coronavirus.

And amazingly, Sulu must have missed the part about this being a bipartisan plan to keep voters safe.

And at the same time, Kentucky has been pushing early voting and absentee ballots at a scale unheard of before in Kentucky elections:


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