George Takei: White Panic Isn’t a Defense For White Folks Pulling Guns On Blacks Folks

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Apparently, George Takei is upset that law-abiding Second Amendment loving ‘White Folks’ in Missouri used their ‘White Panic’ to legally defend their private property with their legally own firearms against trespassing BLM rioting ‘Black Folks’.

As we reported on Monday after a video was widely circulated showing a Missouri couple used their legally owned guns, and Second Amendment rights to defend their home against BLM, Antifa rioters who were trespassing on private property.

Of Course, George Takei had a different take on the incident.

It comes as no surprise that, like all La la land Liberals, George Takei hasn’t uttered a word about all the black on black gun violence taking place all across America, especially in Chicago and NYC.

And People Had Some Thoughts about George Takei And His Imbecilic Racist ‘White Folks’ Take.

George Takei personifies a ‘Do as I say, Not as I do’ liberal-progressive Democrats perfectly.

Because if anyone labeled his ethnicity as ‘Yellow People’ you’d know Sulu’s triggered outrage would be at warp speed.

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