Georgia Governor Brian Kemp effectively ended any hope of President Trump winning Georgia back from Biden after he denied a request for a special legislative session that the president has been pushing for, solidifying Joe Biden’s apparent victory in the key swing state.

The Trump campaign has been arguing that Georgia should overturn local election results and select new electors. However, on Sunday, the governor and the lieutenant governor issued a joint statement saying it’s “not an option that is allowed under state or federal law.” 

Governor Kemp backstabbing millions of Trump supporters comes after harsh criticism from President Trump over his handling of the election in the state.

President Trump has argued that he would easily & quickly win Georgia if the governor permitted a “simple signature verification.” 

Trump doubles down on his criticisms of Gov. Brian Kemp during his first rally since election day.

The event was staged in support of the Republican candidates in the upcoming January 5th Senate runoff election, which will decide who gets crucial legislative control in Washington.

With thousands of Trump supporters chanting “Stop the steal!” President Trump told Georgia voters “Your governor could stop it very easily if he knew what the hell he was doing!”

The governor was not present at the rally. During his speech, Trump offered Congressman Doug Collins, who did attend the event, to run for the office in two years instead of Kemp.