Georgia Recount Discovers 2,600 Uncounted Presidential Election Ballots

Georgia Discovers 2,600 Uncounted Presidential Election Ballots
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President Donald Trump inched 800 votes closer to Joe Biden as the Georgia 2020 Presidential election results tightened slightly on Monday after the state discovered that around 2,600 ballots went uncounted in a pro-Trump rural county.

While the discovery in Floyd County will bolster President Donald Trump’s tally by about 800 votes, it’s unlikely to change the state’s overall results significantly according to Gabriel Sterling, who oversaw the implementation of the new statewide election system for the secretary of state’s office.

With Georgia’s hand recount of the Nov. 3 vote still ongoing, including these 800 votes for Donald Trump, Joe Biden’s margin of victory over Trump now falls to about 13,300 votes.


The Floyd County gaffe could worsen an already politically tense situation since it lends more credibility to President Trump’s legal fight to #StopTheSteal.

Floyd County’s faux pas comes on the heels of President Trump already celebrating what he called a “Big victory” in Nevada after Clark County threw out the election results for a county commission race because of large scale voter discrepancy.

Though Floyd County Georgia, combined with Nevada’s Clark County commissioner decision throwing out the election results does not, as of right now, substantially impact the presidential election.

It does call into question the validity of the entire 2020 election results since the Clark County commissioner’s decision to throw out the election results was on the same ballot as the one for President.

Math Isn’t Hard…Unless Your Name Is Alyssa Milano

After reading CNN Jake Tapper’s tweet about Georgia’s ongoing recount discovering 2600 uncounted votes in Floyd County.

Alyssa Milano, the headline reading La La Land liberal loony-toon pounced.

Now let’s remember Alyssa Milano is the same mental midget who protected herself from COVID by wearing a crocheted mask.

Alyssa Milano Crochet Coronavirus Mask

As Tuskerdaily has reported on many occasions, Alyssa Milano, like it seems all Liberal La La Land liberal loony-toons can’t seem to read anything past the headline.

Of course, what we didn’t realize was the fact when it comes to Twitter, Alyssa Milano’s microscopic brain seems unable to process the second sentence of a tweet.

Despite Jake Tapper clearly stating that Floyd County’s faux pas resulted in a net gain of 800 votes for President Trump.

It’s apparent that this was far too much information for Alyssa Milano’s noggin to comprehend since she tweeted…

Speaking of pouncing…


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