Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera left no uncertainty about how he felt in pushing back against a ridiculous smear attack against Tucker Carlson and Fox viewers.


Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera is an interesting character when it comes to his views on President Donald Trump.

On the one hand, he has shown no qualms about being highly critical of the president and calling out his perceived mistakes, but on other occasions, Rivera will go to bat for Trump against unjust accusations.

In regards to the Russia conspiracy theory, which some Trump critics have refused to drop despite its being thoroughly debunked, Rivera has increasingly come to the president’s defense.

And when those Russia-obsessed critics, whether on the left or the “NeverTrump” right, aim their fire at Rivera’s employer and colleagues, the correspondent is even less hesitant to mount the ramparts and push back against such attacks.

That is what happened on Sunday when Rivera got explicit in his response to anti-Trump “Republican” pundit David Frum, a staff writer at The Atlantic and frequent guest on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter, a show that serves as a platform for critiques of Fox News and President Trump in equal measure.



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