Gina Carano has sent social media down the Star Wars rabbit hole. After she tweeted an image that may or may not indicate her return to Disney.

Carano was infamously kicked to the curb by Lucasfilm and Disney after their insane take over one of her social media posts.

After portraying Cara Dune for the first two seasons of the popular Star Wars series ‘The Mandalorian’.

Carano was set to star in a spin-off show, before her controversial banishment from the franchise.

On Tuesday, she posted an image on her Twitter account that one can easily find befitting the space opera universe.

It shows a solitary silhouette in a rocky landscape, with three suns hanging in the sky.

While Carano offered no context for the image, many of her social media supporters took it with cautious optimism.

Star Wars fans perceived it as an indication that the actress and her character may be making her triumphant return to the Star Wars universe.

Disney Kicks Gina Carano To The Curb 

The Disney-owned studio cut ties with Carano under pressure from the left’s social media mob.

Carano warned, that the rise of hatred over political affiliations America is now experiencing is what ultimately led to fascism’s rise to power in Germany.

Of course, the leftist social media mob claimed her tweet was another example of Gina Carano’s transphobia, Covid-19 denialism, and anti-Semitism.

Hours after the controversy kicked off, Lucasfilm, the studio behind ‘The Mandalorian’, announced due to Gina Carano’s abhorrent social media posts“. The actress would not be returning for the show’s third season.

Tim Young, as well as other Conservatives rightly argued that those demanding Carano’s cancellation only proved her point about the dangers of political prejudice.

“They hate her for her opinion and believe she doesn’t deserve a job or to even exist in their society,” he said.

The Double Standard Mysoginist Hypocrisy of Disney, Star Wars, and Lucus Film.

As TuskerDaily reported back in March. Disney CEO Bob Chapek speaking at a shareholder’s meeting.  Stated that Lucasfilm‘s recent firing of Gina Carano is in line with his company’s mission.

Which he claimed was to employ those with “values of respect, decency, integrity, and values of inclusion.”

Of course, Chapek’s duplicity, and Disney’s double standard were clearly evident.

Somehow neither Disney nor Lucus Film said anything about The Mandolorian’s co-star Pedro Pascal’s poor Holocaust analogy.

Which, BTW is still up on Twitter.

Ironically, It’s Disney, Not Gina Carano, Who Proved Who’s The Real Racist.

As TuskerDaily reported. While promoting Lucus films God-awful “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movies in America, Disney used this promotional poster.

Gina Carano , Disney US Star Wars Force Awakens John Boyega Poster

But while promoting the film in China, a racist country that hates black people.

Disney sent Boyega’s lightsaber-wielding character to the back of the bus, with this poster.

Gina Carano , Disney China Star Wars Force Awakens John Boyega Poster



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