Glenn Kessler Washington Post Fact Checker

Another day, another Joe Biden gaffe that the mainstream media will hide from. During a round of interviews with Hispanic and African American journalists, the presumptive Democratic nominee on Tuesday essentially said that all Blacks are alike.

The Washington Post’s Chief Fact Checker, Glenn Kessler tweets much less than he retweets on Twitter.

He retweets a lot of liberal-media themes. Sometimes his tweets are mangling the facts.

So no one was shocked to see Glenn Kessler running to the defense of Joe Biden and start mangling the facts.

Glenn Kessler, Oops!

Unfortunately for Glenn Kessler, his attempt to cover for Joe Biden’s latest ‘Day that ends in a Y’ gaffe backfired after Joe Biden tweeted his mea culpa:

Twitter users, not holding their breath for WaPo’s Chief fact checker to apologize anytime soon, decided it was best to call out Kessler for his egregious Joe Biden bias.

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