Joe Biden’s return to the White House has America’s woke magazines falling all over themselves professing their love for Joe Biden and GQ out did all of them with their cringe-inducing makeover.

For the news industry, former president Donald Trump was good for business. His off-the-cuff remarks, personal feuds, and the media writing their never-ending parade of ‘anonymous sourced’ scandals sold newspapers, and magazines by the boatload.

And as TusklerDaily reported yesterday, Trump kept millions of eyes glued to cable news networks like the Clown News Network.

After four years of spewing about Donald Trump’s personal habits inspiring revulsion, and despite Melania Trump being a former fashion model, suddenly her apparel only became newsworthy when they could portray it as racist.

But once Biden defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, newspapers and magazines giddily returned to the Obama years, where they gushed about Barack’s fondness for basketball and Michelle’s sparkling fashion sense .

Michelle Obama sparkles in $4K thigh-high Balenciaga boots
Sarah Jessica Parker gushes over Michelle Obama’s Yellow sparkly boots

The GQ Biden Makeover That Nobody Wanted To See

With Joe Biden in charge, these writers are once again returned to La La Liberal land, and men’s fashion magazine GQ apparently is leading the charge.

GQ gave Joe Biden a virtual makeover that’s so over-the-top it appears more like a parody.

GQ Magazine gives Joe Biden the virtual 'makeover'

GQ Magazine gives Joe Biden the virtual 'makeover' GQ Magazine gives Joe Biden the virtual 'makeover' GQ Magazine gives Joe Biden the virtual 'makeover'


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