Guam National Guard members are awaiting punishment from the US Department of Defence (DOD) after violating DOD Directive 1344.10 after they willing participating in Democrat Rep. Michael San Nicolas’ (D-Guam) political stunt to embarrass Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

San Nicolas led uniformed National Guard members from the island of Guam to Rep. Greene’s congressional office following her gaffe in which she mistakingly called Guam a foreign country during a speech.

One would think Rep. San Nicolas would shy away from political stunts like this being he is currently under investigation by the House Ethics Committee after being accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with a woman on his congressional staff

Guam National Guard Violating DOD Directive 1344.10

Guam National Guard Members Await Punishment For Violating Hatch Act

“Under DOD Directive 1344.10, members of the armed forces who are on active duty are NOT permitted to express their personal opinions on political candidates, make a monetary contribution to a campaign, sign a petition to place a candidate’s name on the ballot, and attend a political event as a spectator,”

The Department of Defense regulations state. “Members on active duty may not participate in partisan activities such as soliciting or engaging in partisan fundraiser activities, serving as the sponsor of a partisan club, or speaking before a partisan gathering. In addition, all military members, including National Guard and Reserve forces, are prohibited from wearing military uniforms at political campaign events.”

Liberal Military Members Spouting Their Political Beliefs Becoming More Commonplace

Guam National Guard Violate DOD Directive 1344.10

Unfortunately, military personal spewing their political beliefs has recently become an almost daily occurrence under the Biden administration.

In recent weeks a number of U.S. military officers and accounts have violated DOD prohibitions on political activities, including attacking Fox News host Tucker Carlson for his constitutionally protected opinions.

Four-star Army General Mark Funk, Commanding General Patrick Donahue, and the U.S. Marines’ Twitter account all issued statements on Twitter critical of Carlson.

The Marines’ account deleted the tweets shortly after Senator Ted Cruz demanded a meeting to discuss the matter with the Marines Commandant.


  1. THAT was their heinous crime? When Bidet has committed far worse? This goes beyond two-faced to something like three or four-faced.

  2. His number one priority is the safety of the nation, yes? However, he’s letting in countless migrants not tested for COVID. How many are carrying it? A conservative estimate far too many maybe only 10,000. He and the whole administration are a menace to safety.

  3. The military has the problem of the Officers f–king up. The higher up the more the F-ed up. Free speech is a disappearing entitlement right for civilians and none existent for the armed forces. Word may get out about how screwed policies are. The guard could take it upon themselves to use the fence to their advantage and stay faithful to their oath. “defend against all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.

  4. This us like under military code and needs nippier right away or it too will get worse and out of control. Punishment for all because they all know better.


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