Hemal Jhaveri, USA Today’s ‘race and inclusion editor’ claims she’s the victim after she was fired for pouncing on the Boulder Colorado Mass Shooting story and tweeting that the shooter had to have been an ‘angry white man

As TuskerDaily reported, like so many of her knee-jerk reaction ‘Gun Control Now’ liberal friends, Hemal Jhaveri, hastily deleted her retweet of Julie DiCaro’s’ feelings aren’t facts’ idiocy.

After police revealed the shooter was not an ‘angry white man’ with an AR-15, but actually, a Syrian-born Muslim named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa.

Ahmad Al Issa 14

After news broke that ten people were killed in the rampage, including a police officer.

The unhinged ‘feelings are just as factual as fact’ liberals ran to Twitter to post their uninformed idiocy.

But as TuskerDaily documented just a few hours later.

Hemal Jhaveri wasn’t the only unhinged ‘feelings aren’t facts’ leftist twittering twit who couldn’t hit the delete button fast enough.

Hemal Jhaveri Cried ‘I’m A Victim’ After Being Fired

Twitter users such as myself, quickly ripped Hemal Jhaveri for jumping the gun and blaming, without waiting for any evidence, that the murdering POS shooter must have been ‘An Angry White Boy’.

After the truth was revealed a few hours later, USA Today’s management quickly axed her.

‘I am no longer employed at USA TODAY, a company that was my work home for almost eight years,’ Jhaveri wrote on Medium.

‘On Monday night, I sent a tweet responding to the fact that mass shooters are most likely to be [W]hite men. It was a dashed off over-generalization, tweeted after pictures of the shooter being taken into custody surfaced online. 

Hysterically, like any good Democratic revisionist historian. Jhaveri added the phrase “the shooters are most likely to be…”

This is a blatant lie:

Hemal Jhaveri claims SHE is the victim after she was fired for poncing on the Boulder Colorado Mass Shooting story

After being caught tweeting her liberal-biased Second Amendment idiocy, Jhaveri posted a typical leftist ‘Sorry, NOT Sorry‘ apology, saying:

‘It was a careless error of [judgment], sent at a heated time, that doesn’t represent my commitment to racial equality. I regret sending it. I apologized and deleted the tweet.’

Well, now that Hemal Jhaveri has been rightfully fired, she’ll have plenty of time to look up the definition of “Always” and “Judgment”.

But Since We’re Here, Let’s Save Hemal Jhaveri A Little Time:

al·ways /ˈôlˌwāz/ adverb

  • at all times; on all occasions. “the sun always rises in the east”

judg·ment – /ˈjəjmənt/ noun

  • The ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.

Don’t Expect The Media Pushing Their Fake News Narrative To End

The Boulder shooting was the second mass shooting in less than a week in the United States, after a gunman fatally shot eight people at three Atlanta-area day spas on March 16.

Of course, in that horrific shooting, while the liberal social media mob had the correct skin color for the Atlanta area spa shooter.

The ‘facts don’t matter’ liberals ‘100% KNEW’ what the shooter’s motivation was, claiming the 8 Asians were slaughtered by ‘An Anti-Asian white boy with an AR-15’.

Of course, these Second Amendment-hating racist liberals conveniently overlooked the fact that two of the victims, a man, and a woman, were white.

But their claim about this shooter being just another racist white boy motivated by his hatred of Asians was soon shot down as well.

A few hours after the shooting Police announced that the killer was motivated not by xenophobia as the Twitter mob declared, but instead was a sexual deviant being driven by his penis.

And just to prove that these Second-Amendment hating Democrats have no intention of changing their ways.

Earlier today we posted an article Media Pushes FAKE Virginia Beach Mass Shooting.

In that article, we document the fake news mainstream media pushing their fraudulent lied about a supposed ‘Virginia Beach Mass Shooting’.

Many news media outlets, such as Yahoo News, combined the three separate shooting incidents into one and then posting a clickbait headline implying a Mass Shooting.

Of course, after knowing the facts, one can only conclude the mainstream media were deliberately leaving out the ending “s” in “shooting,” to push their Mass Shooting narrative.



  1. Hemal Jhaveri is now equal and included. Like any “angry white man” she has been fired for stupidity.


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