Here’s The Best Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes

Best Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes TuskerDaily
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When Bernie Sanders took his mittens and his folding chair to Washington DC to watch Joe Biden’s inauguration he became an overnight meme sensation.

After the 79-year-old simpleminded socialist Senator from Vermont was pictured during President Joe Biden’s inauguration wearing what seemed like a Goodwill donated parka, multi-colored hand-knitted mittens, slumped in a folding chair all the while doing his best ‘Grumpy-Cat’ face, he instantly became the toast of social media.

A now-iconic photo of a pouting bundled-up Sanders, sitting alone in a folding chair with his arms crossed over his knees, immediately became a hit — especially with those that create internet Memes

TuskerDaily Scoured The Internet To Bring You The Best Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes

Bernie Sanders Meme Gallery

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