Herschel Walker’s Son: If Kindergartners Can Obey Teachers, Grown Men Can Obey Police Officers

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There is a well-crafted establishment media narrative that police officers routinely shoot suspects as a way to wipe out black and brown folks, and that poisonous lie is currently serving as fuel for violent civil unrest throughout the nation.

But Christian Walker, son of former Heisman Trophy-winning running back Herschel Walker,  isn’t having it amid media and leftist outrage over a police shooting Sunday in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Police shot Jacob Blake in the back after the man apparently ignored their commands, walked toward his vehicle and opened the door.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice revealed Wednesday that Blake told police he had a knife in his possession at the time of the incident, and that investigators recovered a knife on the floorboard of his car.

Before all of the facts were in — and fueled by a video of the shooting but not what led up to it — violent protests broke out in the city, while Democratic politicians and leftist bottom-feeders decried the police shooting of a supposedly innocent black man.

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Christian Walker had a more accurate — though politically incorrect — take on the matter.

“If kindergartners can follow directions from teachers, then grown men can follow directions from police officers. I don’t feel bad, follow the law,” Walker tweeted Wednesday.

“Jacob Blake was a disgusting career criminal, with a horribly violent past,” Walker tweeted Wednesday. “Black supremacists are defending him solely because of his skin color. Kyle Rittenhouse acted in complete self-defense and is being charged with murder,” he said of the man accused of killing two during riots in Kenosha. “STOP KNEELING TO THE BLM NUTCASES.”

Both Christian and his football legend father are prominent black men who support President Donald Trump. They’re clearly not “white supremacists,” as the media likes to characterize anyone who espouses a commonsense approach to such matters.

And what Christian Walker is saying holds true for other police shootings as well, like the recent case involving Rayshard Brooks, with whom police politely interacted until he allegedly managed to grab an officer’s Taser and point it back at them, leading police to shoot and kill him.

To be sure, there are killings where police are simply in the wrong and should face criminal charges, but jumping to conclusions before the facts are in, especially when the nation is a tinder box ready to explode, is reckless.

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