‘Hey Siri, where are the terrorists?’ – The Answer Will Shock You

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As you all know, Apple’s virtual assistant Siri uses voice queries and language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations and perform requested tasks. We’ve all had a little fun with her, haven’t we? But, what would happen if Siri got political?

It’s real, and it’s happening now.

When asked where the terrorists are, Apple’s virtual assistant has been directing iPhone users to police stations in their respective areas, according to a series of videos being shared online.

In a video posted to Facebook, Joel Overstreet asked Siri, “where are the terrorists?” and what came next was shocking, to say the least.

He received a list of four police departments near his location as recommendations.

“We need to voice our disgust with this,” Overstreet said in the clip shared on Tuesday, according to the New York Post. “This is very, very disturbing that Apple would allow this into our algorithms.”

“This needs to be shared,” he added. “Elections have consequences.”

Similar posts can be found strewn throughout Twitter and Facebook alike, with outraged users tagging the multinational company in search for answers.

Despite this fiery demand for an explanation, I’m not aware that Apple has responded or has even recognized the pressing issue; however, some users have claimed that Siri no longer shows the same result.


In a time where the country is completely divided over the issue of institutional police reform, even the biggest corporations have shared their thoughts on the matter; however, for a company like Apple to allow these vile remarks into their algorithm and software is unacceptable.


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