Newly unearthed photos show Hilaria Baldwin, or should we say Hillary Baldwin graduating from her posh Cambridge, Massachusetts school a year before claiming she moved from Spain to the US.

Hilaria is listed by her real name, Hillary Hayward-Thomas, in the 2002 yearbook for The Cambridge School of Weston, which lists her among its “Hollywood names.”

Her graduation in 2002 was a year before Baldwin has claimed to have moved to go to NYU when she was 19, which would have been 2003.

Someone who posted some of the yearbook photos on Twitter insisted that Hillary — who admitted to her real roots in an online confessional Sunday — was “a basic white girl from Cambridge who was really into flamenco dancing.” One of the yearbook pics shows her onstage.

“I’ve been waiting for this for years,” the former classmate reportedly told friends, according to the Twitter feed.

The firestorm was sparked after a Twitter user poked fun at her constantly fluctuating accent — with her even seemingly pretending to have forgotten the English word “cucumber” in one TV appearance — writing,

“You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin’s commitment to her decade long grift where she impersonates a Spanish person.”

Hilaria Baldwin Suddenly Can’t Remember It’s Called A Cucumber 

Hillary came clean about her real name in an Instagram video Sunday, admitting, “Yes, I am a white girl.



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