Hillary Clinton How Trump Stole The Election

Forest dweller Hillary Clinton deliriously believes that she, of all people, can lecture President Donald Trump on how he is handling his election loss to Joe Biden.

One has to wonder how Hillary defines ‘Not Close

Since, in three key 2020 election battleground states, Trump lost to Biden by less than 1%, and lost another (Pennsylvania) by just 1.2%.

  • Arizona – Trump lost by 0.3%
  • Georgia – Trump lost by 0.2%
  • Wisconson – Trump lost by 0.7%

Umm, Hillary Clinton, have you met Hillary Clinton?

Talk about the Pot calling the kettle black!

Only history will tell us if President Trump is wrong in his attempt to get the election results overturned.

But Damn, if Hillary hasn’t spent the last four years doing exactly the same thing as Trump is doing now, except she’s saving on all the legal expenses.

But just because Hillary didn’t try to get the courts to name her the winner, doesn’t mean she didn’t make a complete ass of herself.

Hell, she even wrote a book about the 2016 election being stolen from her!

My Lord, The moment Hillary Lost To Donald Trump She Started Screaming ‘Do Away With The Electoral College and Count Every Vote’

Hillary Clinton wishes Bill Clinton a Happy Birthday

Before the 2020 election, in a wide-ranging interview with Variety about her new Hulu docu-series Hillary was asked if she felt the urge to beat President Trump…AGAIN! ‘Yeah. I certainly feel the urge’.

Later in the interview, she said she favors the abolition of the Electoral College.

‘The person who gets the most votes should win,’

‘The Electoral College is an anachronism that foils the rights of the majority of Americans to choose our leaders.’



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