Between all the Democrats tone deaf Memorial day weekend tweets such as Joe Biden’s idiocy about Trump golfing while almost 100,000 Americans have died from the Coronavirus.

Or Julian Castro’s former communications director Sawyer Hackett feeble-mindedness that President Trump was golfing while ‘white walker’ Joe Biden left his basement first time since mid-March to honor America’s fallen.

Of course the appropriately named Hack-ett, in typical Democrat fashion not only left out that one detail that obliterates his delusion.

But Hackett also used a Clintonesque-like play on words by inserting “Weekend” to make his tweet both factually correct, while at the same time making his true messaging 100% wrong.

Like Hackett, and Biden, Hillary Clinton, of course, pounced on President Trump golfing for the first time since the pandemic started.

And in typical tone-deaf Hillary Clinton fashion completely disregarding facts. Hillary believed her ‘Feelings’ tweet would send just the right ‘Get Trump’ Memorial Day message:

Clinton’s Memorial Day tweet becomes just another Hillary rake to the face moment for the egregious forest dweller.

Opinion contributor @dailycaller and host of the Politics for Patriots podcast, pretty much nailed Hillary Clinton’s attempted impugning of President Trump.

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