Hillary Clinton Steps On Rake With Her Trump Is Cowering Tweet

Hillary Clinton share photo of White House to prove Trump cowered in the dark AP fact checks as fake news
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The headlines reading ‘Hillary Clinton Steps On Rake’ is quickly becoming the norm, rather than the exception as Hunchback Hillary shared a photo of a darkened White House to prove Trump’s was cowering in the dark.’ Except…

The latest mental midget idiocy from the left is that “Trump’s afraid,” of the rioters…Dammit, I meant ‘Peaceful Protesters’ breaching the White House.

Of course, Democrat Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell jumped right on that liberal loony-toon train just seconds before it ran off the rails.

Forest-dwelling Hillary Clinton hearing from her forest friends that “Trump’s Hiding” is trending on Twitter, threw off her back brace and came running inside to post this lil bit of stupidity.

Oops She Did It Again…As In ‘Hillary Clinton Steps On Rake’

After their posting pictures from the Obama administration to push their ‘Trump’s locking kids in cages’ idiocy. You would think these Twittering Twits would have learned something from that Fiasco… But, Nope!

The AP, who is no friend of President Donald Trump, fact-checked the picture posted by Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell and Never going to be President Hillary Clinton, as well as  1000s of other Delusional Democrats.

And Color Me Shocked, the photo was taken in 2015 when the Democrats Messiah Barack Obama was President of the United States.

    • DEMOCRATS CLAIM: The photo of the White House with all the exterior and interior lights out on Sunday night, happened as President Donald Trump hid in a bunker.
    • AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The original photo was posted to a stock image site in 2015 while Barack Obama was the POTUS.
    • THE FACTS: An image shared thousands of times online that appears to show all the lights out in and around the White House was taken before Trump even assumed office.

The viral photo, which has been edited, can be found on Getty Image’s stock website, where it was uploaded in December 2015.

In the original, the lantern hanging in the White House portico is lit, along with several lights that surround the fountain in the front lawn.

The edited version that is being widely shared online has been darkened and manipulated to remove the lit lantern.

Dozens of social media users shared the edited 2015 photo, claiming it showed Trump’s White House on Sunday night.


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