Hillary Clinton wishes Bill a Happy Birthday Cake

As Hillary Clinton did when she was FLOTUS.

As she did when she was the Senator from New York.

As she did when she was Obama’s Secretary of State.

And As she did during her many failed attempts at becoming POTUS…

Hillary’s Clintonesque speak came with a caveat.

Hillary tweeted that she wanted all her devoted Forest Dwelling friends in Twitterland to wish ‘Happy Birthday’ to her philandering husband William Jefferson Clinton, better known as Bill-O the Pedophile Rapist Clown.

Ahh, But sensing that things won’t go exactly as planned because of that ‘everyone hates pedophiles and rapists’ thingy.

Hillary Clinton included a catch if you wanted to wish Bill Clinton a Happy 108th Birthday…

Hillary Clinton Tweets Happy Birthday To Bill

What Ever Shall Hillary Get Bill For His Birthday?

Well, we know it won’t be a massage since Jeffrey Epstein had one of his sexual assault victims give Bill a good rub down.

Maybe, Hillary will just wash his car…I’m sure he’ll enjoy watching that horror show.

Hillary Clinton Washes Bill Clinton's Car for his Birthday


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