Hollywood Birthplace of La La Land Liberal Logic

Hollywood Liberals never cease to amaze us with their La La Land Trump Impeachment Trial Loony Toon Logic.


As we all know, our betters in Hollywoodland possess fair keener minds than us regular American cogs, and when it comes to the Democrats Impeachment of President Trump, they’re quick to tell us why we’re wrong.

This week especially those Twittering twits from La La Land have been delivering their brand of lunatic liberal logic to the unwashed masses at a record pace.

The latest leftist pearl of wisdom comes from Hollywood actress Elizabeth Thorp who has appeared on ”House Of Cards”. 

Elizabeth Thorp

Since ”House Of Cards” deals with politics we must pay extra special attention to all of her wonderful liberal insights regarding the Senate’s impeachment trial of President Trump.


Because Elizabeth Thorp is what La la Land liberals would describe as a “Political Expert”.

Sometimes Liberals Make It Too Damn Easy

I’ll sum up how the Democrats have run their Impeachment investigation into President Trump for this poor little La La Land Mental Midget.


Schumer Shoots self in his Trump Impeachment foot

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