Hollywood Hypocrite Racists Universal Sued For Cutting Black Couple Out Of Poster

Faizon Love Files Race Discrimination Suit Over Universal ‘Couples Retreat’ Poster
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In a typical Hollywood hypocrite ‘Do as I say, Not as I do’ fashion, the La La Land liberals who routinly screech how the Republicans in general, and more specifically President Donald Trump are white supremists holding the black community down, once again get caught being their racist selves.

Of course, this shouldn’t come as any big surprise since for years they’ve accused Republicans in general, but more specifically President Donald Trump of being misogynist pigs who treat women like second-class sex toys only to have their idiocy blow up when their Harvey Weinstein cover-up was exposed.

Now Faizon Love has pulled back La la Land’s Snowflake colored curtain to reveal just how prevalent racism is in Hollywood.

On Wenesday, the Cuban-American actor filed a lawsuit against Universal Studios for deliberately cutting him out of the 2009 comedy “Couples Retreat” international promotional poster because he’s black.

Hell, Universal’s racism went so far they didn’t even include his, or co-star Kali Hawk’s name on the poster.

Couples Retreat US poster, left, with Faizon Love and Kalia Hawk, and Universal's racist international version
“Couples Retreat” US poster, left, with Faizon Love and Kalia Hawk, and Universal’s racist international version

Universal previously apologized to Faizon Love when the edited poster was first exposed, but despite Universal’s promise to recify their blatant racism.

Universal proved they were true blue ‘all talk, no action’ Democrats when it comes to pandering to blacks and/or the black community.

Since Universal’s doctored racist poster is still being used today, which Love tweeted is the reason for him filing a lawsuit 11 years after the film’s release.

Universal Sends Faizon Love To The Back Of The Bus

The 52-year-old actor said that he was “aghast” when he saw he and his co-star, Kali Hawk, chopped from publicity posters overseas, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Rather than enjoy maximum visibility with the film’s release, Mr. Love was demoted to the proverbial ‘Invisible Man,’” the lawsuit said, referring to Ralph Ellison’s civil-rights novel.

“Although Couples Retreat achieved a first-place box office opening weekend ranking, and went on a spectacular run that grossed more than $171 million worldwide, Universal Studios placed Mr. Love in the back seat of the ride enjoyed by his six White costars,” it said.

Love goes on to pointidly accused “Couples Retreat” lead actor Vince Vaughn, 50, of trying to help Universal Studios to silence him.

As the lawsuit stated Vaughn “went so far as to tell Mr. Love that making a big deal about his removal from the poster would not be good for his career”.


Why Isn’t Universal’s Blatant Racism Big News?

Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why the mainstream media has completely ignored the story.

After four-years of screeching about ‘America Is Racist‘ not to mention labeling EVERYTHING they deem racist as the work of Trump inspired ‘White Supremicy‘.

All one needs to do is read the mainstream media decades worth of #MeToo coverage, or lack thereof, when covering such stories as Juanita Broaddrick accusing Bill Clinton of raping her, or more recently Tara Reade‘s sexual assault allegation against Democrat Joe Biden.

And similar to TuskerDaily’s March 2020, story: CNN, MSNBC Hasn’t Written a Single Word About Tara Reade’s Sexual Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden.

CNN’s Entertainment section hasn’t written a single word about Faizon Love’s lawsuit against Universal’s unabashed racism.

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