President Joe Biden’s call for “unity” meant little to his Hollywood liberal elitist supporters who celebrated the end of Donald Trump’s presidency by spewing vile hatred toward the former President and every single one of his 74,223,744 MAGA supporters who voted for him.

Despite accusing Trump supporters of being an angry mob of brownshirts hell-bent on violence.

The only thing these La La Land liberals PROVED was that they were in fact the angry mob of brownshirts hell-bent on violence, with no intention of ending their war on Conservatives.

Unfortunately, unlike COVID-19, scientists will never be able to create a vaccine to cure Hollywood of its Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Mainstream Media’s Clown-World Coverage Of Joe Biden’s Inauguration

While many in the mainstream media covering Wednesday’s events reported as if their blinders had been screwed on a little too tight.

MSM spent the entirety of his inauguration by extolling the commencement of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.’s virtuous presidency.

The media implied that Biden’s oath signaled that the long arduous task of cleansing the stain Trump had left on America’s once pristine White House during his four-years of occupation could now begin.

CNN’s coverage of Trump’s final hours as president included anchors blasting him as a “small” man who obsessed over large crowd sizes.

But while CNN showed America why over the past four years they’ve become the Clown News Network.

ABC News coverage was even more over the top than even CNN could muster.

ABC’s political historian Mark Updegrove equated the Capitol Hill Riot with the American Civil War, and Joe Biden with Lincoln, shrieking:

“Echoes of Lincoln on the eve of Civil War in 1861, the worst domestic crisis that we’ve ever faced as a nation….This today, was a triumph of democracy.”

ABC Chief National Correspondent Byron Pitts beclowned himself, gushing Joe Biden was now America’s “Papa-in-chief

As a whole the mainstream news media likened Joe Biden being sworn in as President to a deity descending from the heavens to cleanse America’s soul from the repugnant stench leftover from Trump’s four-years of immorality.

But while the media regurgitated Joe Biden’s call for ‘Unity’ and his mission to reclaim America’s soul.

Hollywood’s reaction to witnessing President Trump’s final hours as president and Joe Biden’s inauguration couldn’t have been more different, or unhinged.

Hollywood Curses Biden’s Call For ‘Unity,’ Acts As If Trump Won

If one didn’t know the final results of the 2020 Presidential election, judging by these west coast elitists, one would assume Trump had beaten Biden in a landslide.

Hollywood has become so consumed by their Trump Derangement Syndrome that in spite of watching like as their candidate Joe Biden was sworn in as President.

Judging by the amount of vile they posted they delusionally believe they still lost.

Safely tucked away in their liberal bubbles, these La La Land leftists believe the next four years will look exactly like the last four.

Inside their liberal bubbles, they’ve transformed Donald Trump and anyone deemed supportive of his darkness, into evil MAGA hat-wearing boogeymen hiding under the bed just waiting for the opportune time to strike. 

Even though he’s no longer occupying the Oval Office, his upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate doesn’t signify the end, but merely the beginning of Trump’s retribution.

According to Hollywood the only way to purge America from the scourge is to imprison Donald Trump.

While also expunging him from history by plunging his dead rotting corpse into the deepest darkest memory hole imaginable.



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