Holy Guacamole! NYC Chipotle Infested By Avocado Loving Rats

Chipotle Rat Infested Mexican Grill 4009 Broadway NYC
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Workers at an NYC Chipotle restaurant say they’ve been fighting a losing battle against hordes of hungry rats jonesing for Avocados.

Incredibly, Chipotle managers let the rat infestation get so out of hand that four staffers have been bitten by the massive Mexican food-loving rodents.

The besieged Chipotle Mexican Grill is located at 4009 Broadway near West 169th Street in Washington Heights and has been closed to customers since late November.

But not because the rats were getting fat and having wild overnight guacamole orgies.

Nope, Chipotle closed the store down only after the rats chewed through the wiring of a computer system that handled the ordering system, and cash registers.

Chipotle Rat Attack

In the meantime, workers are still going into the store in an effort to keep the vermin at bay.

Chipotle employees said they’ve killed dozens of rodents by stomping on them, smacking them with broom handles, dropping boxes on them. In other words, they’re killing the bastards by any medieval means possible.

“It really started to take a toll on us,” said Melvin Paulino, a three-year veteran at the store who was bitten by a rat last Friday while cleaning. “We’re all scared, it’s pretty common that some of my co-workers will just start screaming out of the blue. “It’s pure chaos every time a rat appears.”

The rodent invasion began near the end of the summer when Avocados would suddenly have small nibbles taken out of them.

Workers soon started discovering holes in bags of rice where the critters had chewed through the packaging.

Eventually, they discovered rat droppings in the store’s basement and in boxes of food.

I assume using NYC’s moronic Mayor Bill de Blasio’s liberal logic, NYC health Department inspectors gave this Holy Guacamole rat-infested Chipotle location a Grade “A” health rating.

Chipotle Mexican Grill 4009 Broadway NYC

An NYC Department of Health spokesperson said the rodent complaint was submitted until Nov. 30, and they issued a warning letter the next day.

The spokesperson also reported that NYC health inspectors are planning to visit the store this week.

Well, if they do, I suggest bringing a few hungry cats with them, since it’s being reported that the rats have become increasingly brazen and seemed to be multiplying.

Employees said they were forced to move avocados into the cooler, and some workers are now refusing to set foot in the basement for fear of a rat attack.

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