House Introduces Symbolic Bipartisan Bill Condemning QAnon But Not For BLM, Or Antifa?

Virginia Republican Denver Riggleman, New Jersey Democrat Tom Malinowski
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A bipartisan pair of House of Representative congressmen have introduced a resolution condemning the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory, denouncing the supposed group as a “dangerous, anti-Semitic, conspiracy-mongering cult.”

The resolution “condemning QAnon and rejecting the conspiracy theories it promotes” was introduced on Tuesday by New Jersey Democrat Tom Malinowski and Virginia Republican Denver Riggleman, citing ‘experts’ from the FBI to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to claim QAnon adherents are anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists threatening the American way of life.

Of course, like a Democrat claiming Republicans are guilty of something, if the ADL is condemning someone or something, then you can pretty much be assured it’s the opposite of what happening in reality.

The Qanon resolution also urges the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to “strengthen their focus on preventing violence, threats, harassment, and other criminal activity by extremists motivated by fringe political conspiracy theories.

And still, there’s more…

The House resolution also “urges all Americans, regardless of our beliefs or partisan affiliations, to seek information from authoritative sources, and to engage in political debate from a common factual foundation.

The resolution comes on the heels of dozens of the Democrats mainstream media cohorts calling for QAnon-related content to be censored by social media.

However, QAnon supporters and the 63 million Trump voters have argued the mainstream media networks are just fake news, as well as proving MSM’s so-called “fact-checkers” are nothing more than Democrat cronies doing their master’s bidding.

The reality is the Black Lives Matter organization followers and Antifa pose a far greater danger to Americans as evidenced by the rioting taking place in Seattle. 89 straight nights of Rioting, looting, and violence in Portland. Or more recently, the past three nights in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

But what makes this Qanon hysteria even more laughable has been the media’s over-the-top coverage of an unhinged USPS conspiracy.

While at the same time being completely oblivious to the death, and destruction being caused by BLM rioters, and Antifa anarchist.

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