Hunter Biden the drug-addict ethically-challenged son of President Joe Biden said that he is not ashamed of earning upwards of $50,000 a month as a board member of Ukrainian shady gas company, Burisma.
As TuskerDaily reported on numerous occasions. In April 2014, Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma Holdings, and to this day it’s unclear what exactly he did for the company.
Despite having no experience in the energy industry, and not being able to speak the language, Hunter landed the job for one reason, his father’s surname being “synonymous with democracy.”

Not coincidentally, at the exact same time, former President Barack Obama placed then-Vice-President Joe Biden in charge of overseeing the U.S. anti-corruption policies in Ukraine.

Hunter Biden is Not the Least Apologetic for Cashing in on Daddy’s Name

Despite accusations of nepotism and corruption, Hunter Biden said in an interview with the BBC on Tuesday that he received the position due to his last name being seen as “synonymous with democracy and transparency.”

“I think that they saw my name as gold,” Biden said, adding that “one of the reasons” they hired him was because Burisma “wanted to create a bulwark” against “Russian aggression,” adding:

“They knew that they had to expand internationally and into other sectors in order to diversify and protect themselves… The Biden name is synonymous with democracy and transparency.

That’s why I said it was gold to them.”

Biden told the BBC that when he accepted to join Burisma’s board of directors, he “missed” the “perception” that taking such a role would create.

However, in an interview with CBS News on Sunday, Hunter Biden said he did not think that taking the job was a mistake in itself and that ONLY the perception of taking the job was at the heart of the scandal.


While the Democrats, without evidence, have been screeching for the past four years over how Donald Trump’s children took advantage of financial opportunities that were presented while their father was President.

Putting Hunter Biden aside, these outraged Democrats conveniently forget that hiring the family members of powerful politicians in hopes of gaining influence over public policy was routine inside the swamp of Washington DC.

For example, President Jimmy Carter’s brother, BillyPresident George W. Bush’s brother, Neil; and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s brothers, Tony and Hugh Rodham all profited from their shady business dealings with unscrupulous corporations.

Similarly, like many of the family members, we linked above. Hunter Biden has been the subject of numerous scandals, as well as now being the focus of a Federal Investigation.

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Media Covers For Hunter Biden’s Gutter Trash History, and The Biden Crime Family Illegalities.

In October, as TuskerDaily reported, the New York Post published a blockbuster expose about Hunter Biden had repeatedly peddled his father’s influence not only to Burisma but also to a number of other foreign companies.

The report – which was based on emails found on a laptop that Hunter Biden abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop, also showed that Joe Biden was not only well aware of what his unscrupulous son was doing.

But the emails showed that dear old dad, Joe Biden, was profiting off of his son’s shady business dealings as well.

But in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election, instead of focusing on the Biden family corruption.

Joe Biden supporters and their mainstream media cohorts focused the story on how the New York Post had acquired Hunter Biden’s emails while also accusing, without evidence, the emails were part of a Russian disinformation campaign designed to help Trump win the 2020 presidential election.

Fake News Media’s Clown World Reporting

As TuskerDaily reported back in December, just days after Joe Biden became President-Elected Joe Biden. The media suddenly took an interest in Hunter Biden’s sketchy business dealings.


After denying for months that the now infamous laptop was not his.

As TuskerDaily reported last week, Hunter Biden suddenly admitted to CBS News that the laptop could very well be his.

But he added that, at that time, due to his drug addiction “keeping tabs on possessions” like his laptop wasn’t a priority.

Hunter Biden’s Laptop Threatened National Security

Hunter Biden’s laptop contained such personal information as photocopies of his driver’s license and social security card.

But far more damning, his laptop contained a treasure trove of National security material that in the wrong hands could have been used for any number of nefarious reasons, such as blackmailing now President Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden National Security Risk Laptop

Despite the damning evidence contained on Hunter Biden’s Laptop.

Hunter Biden continues to deny that he did anything illegal.

He also is adamant that he never gave his father any percentage of the money he earned from his sketchy foreign business deals.

As far as his ongoing Federal investigation into his alleged tax evasion.

Hunter Biden told CBS News that he is “fully cooperating” with and is “confident that at the end of the day it’s all gonna be fine,”

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  1. Did you expect him to be ashamed. He’s a Biden. They never do anything wrong that his daddy can’t fix!


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