A digital forensics expert has reviewed the contents of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, and concluded that the contents within the computer, which reveal dodgy business deals, drug abuse, and sexual misadventure – are “authentic.”

Hunter Biden’s laptop was the subject of a smoking-gun story by the New York Post just three weeks before the 2020 presidential election.

Retrieved from a Delaware computer repair store in 2019 and handed to Rudy Guiliani, Donald Trump’s lawyer.

The hard drive from Hunter Biden’s Laptop contained a tranche of emails and texts that appeared to implicate the Biden family in numerous foreign corruption schemes, all while Joe was first in the White House as vice president. 

Joe Biden himself dismissed the laptop story as debunked and “garbage,” his campaign and party claimed it was fabricated by Russia, and much of the mainstream media refused to report on it.

Daily Mail hires a computer forensics firm to examine Hunter Biden’s Laptop, declares its contents “authentic.”

Maryman & Associates, the computer forensic experts hired by the DailyMail is run by a 29-year FBI veteran and according to the firm:

“Maryman & Associates used the same forensic tools to pick apart the drive as federal and state law enforcement use in criminal investigations.

After they completed their digital forensic examination Maryman & Associates concluded:

The operating system timestamps appear to be authentic, and no evidence was found to suggest that the timestamps or data were altered or manufactured.

No indications were found that would indicate the data was manufactured.”

Of course, this just confirms TuskerDaily’s reporting about the FBI, DOJ both agreeing with the DNI assessment that the e-mails found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop were NOT Russian Disinformation

Hunter Biden’s laptop contained national security documents, child porn, and evidence against the Biden Crime Family.

Hunter Biden’s laptop was a treasure trove of gutter trash and evidence that contained:

  • Pornographic photos and videos showing Hunter Biden engaging in sex acts with numerous prostitutes.
  • Photos and videos of Hunter smoking crack cocaine.
  • Texts from Hunter Biden complaining to his uncle that his step-mother, Jill Biden, accused him of being a pedophile.
  • Hunter begging his father to run for office in text messages in order to give him a “chance at redemption,” 
  • Documents proving Hunter Biden owns a stake in a Chinese mine that had been cited for gross Human Rights Abuses
  • Details of his run-ins with the law as well as showing Hunter illegally possessed firearms.
  • Text logs between Hunter and Joe Biden reveal that Joe Biden was worried that his communications may have been “a target” for hackers.
  • Hunter Biden’s Laptop Contained Top-Secret Material
  • Audio of Hunter Biden detailing his partnership with Chinese ‘Spy Chief’ 
  • E-mails showing illegal payoffs and/or kickbacks that Hunter Biden would receive including for the ‘Big Guy‘ who experts concluded was code for Joe Biden.
  • Emails proving Joe Biden LIED To The American People about having never disussed anything about his son’s Burisma deal.

Many of these salacious details will be familiar to anyone who followed the sordid story since it first broke in October.

While the Daily Mail’s report does not add any new bombshell information, it does add weight to the argument to then-President Trump’s claim that the laptop was genuine, the foreign deals real, and the Biden family was a dysfunctional criminal enterprise.

Now, with his father in the Oval Office and with Trump in social media exile in Florida.

Hunter Biden admitted to CBS News this month that the laptop “absolutely” could have been his.

While laughably adding that the laptop may have been “hacked” by “Russian intelligence.”

After what’s left of Hunter Biden’s mind screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Hunter Biden quickly added the caveat that he was so drunk and drugged up that he doesn’t really know if the laptop was his, or how the Delaware computer repair shop came in possession of it.

What makes that idiocy even more pathetic is the fact that the only reason Hunter Biden was doing the CBS interview was to hawk his memoirs.

Of course, a memoir is a written account in which someone describes past experiences based mainly on memories.

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  1. Arrest Hunter Biden and the Entire Biden Crime Family … they ALL are CRIMINALS and deserve Long Terms of Imprisonment !

  2. C’mon man! The FBI is busy investigating the Trump/Russia collusion. Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Christopher Wray, Rob Rosenstein, Michael Horowitz, Bill Barr, and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI and the Department of Justice. They will circle around to the Hunter laptop in 2055.

  3. This family is a disfunctional family, IQ under the water , Hunter is a nitwit, sooo crooked just like father and uncles. Well Well Well, Enough standing for them to go to prison? Where is JUSTICE in this country? ENOUH already. STOP covering for him, hitlery, and the rest of the GARBAGE PARTY!

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