After The DNC announced it’ll let Michael Bloomberg To Debate In the next Democratic Presidential Debate, Hypocrite Bernie Sanders completely ignored what he said yesterday, because today he has thoughts.


Some Democrats have every right to be pissed after the DNC, out of nowhere, changed the debate rules to allow geriatric white guy Mike Bloomberg on stage for the next Democratic debate, but Hypocrite Bernie Sanders isn’t one of them.

Chief among the Democrats clown car of 2020 candidates that should be pissed and headed to court to file a lawsuit against the DNC are Cory Booker and WaPo Rides To Hillary Clinton’s Defense Over Tulsi Gabbard’s Lawsuit.

The DNC wouldn’t allow them in the last two debates because they lectured they didn’t reach their threshold to qualify.

Worse DNC chair Tom Perez rubbed salt into the wound smugly telling the pair of liberal losers ‘Dem the rules‘.


Bernie Sanders Should Have Had Every Right To Be Angry

We said Bernie ‘Should Have” if it wasn’t for the fact that when Michael Bloomberg started dropping tens of millions of dollars on TV ads. Bernie Sanders was bitching that because of the DNC debate rules, he couldn’t debate Bloomberg in front of the American voters.

But that was yesterday… Today Bernie has a different take.

While Bernie was crying yesterday about the DNC helping the geriatric white billionaire former NYC mayor by not allowing Bloomberg into the next Democratic Presidential debates.

Today, according to simpleminded socialist Bernie Sanders, the DNC is now rigging the election against him by allowing Bloomberg into the next Democratic Presidential debates.


You simply can’t make up this amount of liberal stupidity if you tried!

Jonathan Chait took to Twiiter to expose Bernie Bro’s epic hypocrisy about how the DNC was out to Bernie’s poor old geriatric simpleminded socialist ass like it was 2016 all over again.


Michael Moore Has A Meltdown

Michael Moore the unhinge liberal Fatopotamus Bernie Sander supporter became unglued over the DNC decision to allow Bloomberg into the debates.

The DNC backstabbing sent Carbzilla stomping around Iowa like a deranged lunatic who just discovered the only restaurants in the whole Hawkeye State were salad bars.

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