Since the bombshell story broke about Tara Reade accusing her former boss, Joe Biden of sexual assault back on March 24th. the 2017 #MeToo Joe Biden has been transformed into Hypocrite Joe Biden just three years later.

The mainstream media rarely, if ever, cover the story because as far as they are concerned Joe Biden said it ‘ It never happened. End of story’ and that’s good enough for them.

But back in January 2017, out going Vice President Joe Biden said that he is working to convince President-elect Donald Trump’s administration to prioritize the issue of sexual assault on campus.

“I’m no longer going to be Vice President, but I’m going to be associated with several major universities and have a significant staff,”

“I’m going to be setting up a foundation that is going to devote the rest of my life to dealing with violence against women.”

Biden made the remarks at the White House’s It’s On Us Summit, an event aimed at preventing sexual assault on college campuses.

“On January 21, we’re going to start or we’re going to continue, and I’m working very hard with this incoming administration to convince them that this is, in a sense, the civil rights issue of our time. It’s the human rights issue of our time,” 

Biden made fighting sexual assault one of the key issues of his vice presidency, speaking out for victims and calling on universities to be more responsive.

It’s not yet clear how Trump’s administration will approach the issue, but the president-elect’s comments about groping women and the accusations against him of sexual assault have caused concern among advocates for victims.

Biden added:

“I’ve never felt this momentum before, I hope and pray—and I’m making no judgment, I mean this sincerely, I’m not sure what the next administration will do—I pray they will continue to make it a priority, as Barack and I have. But whether they do or not, we can do so much of this as private citizens.”

As the Tara Reade story slowly gains momentum. The 2020 version of Joe Biden seems to have little interest in what Joe Biden was so concerned about in 2017.

Joe Biden”Grow Up Donald”

On the same day, Joe Biden stated he was trying to convince to President-Elect Trump to prioritize the issue of sexual assault on campus.

Joe Biden told PBS that Donald Trump needs to grow up and stop the Twitter name-calling.

But what is remarkable is the fact that if you needed any more proof that Joe Biden is mentally handicapped.

Watch this video, putting aside what Biden is babbling about.

Listen to the sound of his voice, his speech pattern, and how he looks overall in this clip from January 2017 

Now compared to the dullard look Biden has about him just three years later.

2017 #MeToo Joe Biden

2020 Hypocrite Joe Biden


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