Democrats Trump Impeachment Hypocrisy Reaches Levels Unseen In Hypocrite History

House Democrats Impeach President Trump Part II video
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What a difference a few weeks makes, as the Hypocrite Democrats launch their Trump Impeachment Hoax Part II.

During Wednesday’s Impeachment charade, we discovered that Liberal Progressive Democrats NOW:

This is a small sampling of what Stuttering Alcoholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her delusion Democrats in the House now claim to hold dear, as they proceeded with impeaching President Trump for the second time in the past year.

Clearly, the biggest take-a-way from the Democrats Trump impeachment clown show Part II, was the fact that every Congressional revisionist historian with a “D” following their name, is suffering from an acute case of hypocrite-itis.

Where have these Hypocrite Democrats been the past four years?

Perhaps if Democrats had spoken out, instead of not only normalizing but encouraging the months-long violent behavior from the Democrats’ beloved BLM-Antifa mobs.

Then perhaps the Capitol hill chaos that took place on Jan. 6 would not have happened?

Republican Rep. Pat Fallon of Texas said it best in responding to the Democrats’ sudden love affair with America, and the rule of law.

“Last summer the Antifa and BLM riots swept across our country. Businesses were destroyed, cities burned. It was not like the horrible hours we had on January 6. But rather, they went on for weeks and in some cases months. 

So if there’s any silver lining in this dark cloud, it’s that our friends across the aisle have come to realize that riots are bad. We conservatives have known this all along.”


How Delusional Have The Democrats Become? Take It Away, Jerry Nadler

Rep. Jerry Nadler cinched his belt above his belly and angrily declared that the Capital rioters must be brought to justice. Jerry Nadler BLM Violence A Myth

Of course, just months ago when asked about BLM, ANTIFA months-long rioting, looting, and arson.

As well as the leftist mob attempting for weeks to breach and/or burn down the Federal Courthouse in Portland.

Despite Portland’s own Democrat Mayor joining the BLM/ANTIFA mob on one of their nightly incursion on the Federal Courthouse.

Jerry Nadler called it a “Myth” being spread by Trump and his DC Republican cronies:

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