Bernie Sanders Free, NOT Free Giveaways.

How pathetically transparent has CNN become? After years of not caring about what Bernie Sanders ‘Free, NOT Free’ programs cost, after the Clown News Network received their new ‘Get Bernie’ marching orders from the DNC NOW their on the job.


After waiting four years CNN is now touting their NEW  analysis estimates of “Independent” Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign ‘Free, NOT Free‘ agenda could cost $60 trillion over ten years, and possibly much more.

Wait. What? Bernie’s no longer a Democrat?

On Saturday, CNN analyst Ron Brownstein published a lengthy report on Sanders’ ‘Free, NOT Free‘ proposals — ranging from his $30-$40 trillion Medicare for All program to his plan to cancel all student debt — that put the price tag at an estimated $60 trillion in additional federal spending.


Shockingly, NOT shockingly CNN discovers what Republicans have been saying since 2015.


Brownstein noted that Bernie Sanders (or any other Democrat for that matter) hasn’t offered details on many of his proposals:

Exact cost projections on all of Sanders’ proposals aren’t available, in part because he hasn’t fully fleshed out some of the ideas he’s embraced (such as universal pre-K and child care).

But a wide variety of estimates put the likely cost of the single-payer health care plan he has endorsed around $30 trillion or more over the next decade. Depending on the estimates used, including projections from his own campaign, the other elements of the Sanders agenda — ranging from his “Green New Deal” to the cancellation of all student debt to a guaranteed federal jobs program that has received almost no scrutiny — could cost about as much, or even more than, the single-payer plan.

That would potentially bring his 10-year total for new spending to around $60 trillion, or more.

The Clown News Network report also notes estimates from former Republican budget official Brian Riedl that say Sanders’ proposed tax increases would only raise $23 trillion, and which place the high end of the price tag for Sanders’ proposals at $97.5 trillion.

Former Obama finance Czar Larry Summers who in 2016 called Donald Trump a lying fraud when Trump promised 3% GDP and he would scrap NAFTA.

Summers compared the Sanders price tag to those of the other candidates in the race, and found only Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren came remotely close, while former Vice President Joe Biden was the bargain of the bunch:

This year, he broadly estimates, former Vice President Joe Biden is proposing spending increases probably equivalent to roughly 1.5% of the economy, Pete Buttigieg roughly 2% and Sen. Elizabeth Warren an amount equal to about 12%.

Sanders laps all of them, as well as the New Deal precedent: Even a very conservative $50 trillion 10-year cost for Sanders’ plan would translate into a roughly 20 percentage point increase in federal spending relative to the economy, according to the calculations by Summers, who also once served as chief economist at the World Bank.


CNN’s ‘Feelings Over Facts’ Reporting

Ever since Elizabeth Warren accused Bernie Sanders of being a misogynist pig, it has become obvious that CNN’s Head honcho Jeff Zucker gave his bootlicking hosts their marching orders to push Elizabeth Warren and F*** Bernie Sanders.

So like a good little Clown News Network drone, Larry Summers lied about the cost of Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Free, NOT Free’ giveaways.

Summers wrote that Bernie’s ‘Free, NOT Free‘ plans would have an estimated $50 trillion 10-year cost, which would translate into a roughly 20% increase in federal spending.

But Summers also wrote that Warren’s Medicare-for-all plan which is estimated to have a $56 trillion 10-year cost, would equate to a 12% increase in federal spending.

So according to Summers, despite Pocahontas’ program costing SIX TRILLION DOLLARS MORE, Warren’s giveaways would cost less percentage wise than Bernie’s?

Umm, maybe Larry Summers could take some of his ill-gotten gains from the DNC, I, er, mean CNN and purchase some new batteries for his liberal bias calculator.

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